What on earth is this blog about?

I am starting this blog to chronicle my Lenten sacrifice of 2010. It will be 40 days of not eating out. This will be a sacrifice for me because I hate grocery shopping, cooking, and most of all: cleaning up after I cook. Here are the parameters:
1. I reserve the right to use each Sunday during Lent to take a break from cooking. I would like to still be sane when this is over. There are people who would argue I am not sane to begin with, but I can do 40 days of sanity another time!
2. Eating leftovers counts as not eating out. I will be taking great advantage of this rule. The husband is not going like this:)
3. I will also pack my husband’s lunch for the 40 days of Lent, unless he has a business lunch.
4. We already have a road trip planned during this time. This may mean that we eat out not on a Sunday. I will do as much as I can to minimize it, but refuse to make others uncomfortable. I may have to sacrifice some of my “break” Sundays to make up for this.

So, starting on Ash Wednesday (yes I’m Catholic) I will be posting each day about my meals and most likely many cooking disasters. What is your Lenten sacrifice this year?

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