Did you know?

Did you know that my mail sorting bin at the post office is right next to the Neiman Marcus bin? I didn’t. I found out today when I was trying to find a package that had supposedly been delivered to me yesterday. I’m not sure whether to be concerned that this will happen again in the future or that my shopping is not up to Neiman standards.

Did you know that my nephew turns 10 tomorrow? This hardly seems possible and makes me feel really old (and it’s all about me). Happy Birthday, nephew!

Did you know that I belong to a discussion group with a really dorky name? It’s called colloquy. I didn’t name it and I’ve been agitating for a name change for years. But it won’t go away. Last Saturday during our discussion we spoke of social media. Is Facebook good or bad? Too much of a time suck? What about blogs? Do they have any redeeming value? The consensus in the room seemed to be that Facebook can be used wisely, but you have to be careful. And that there were certain blogs that were worthwhile, but they were few and far between. I was tempted to then announce to the room that I have a blog of no redeeming value and I like it anyway. But in an odd and all too rare moment of restraint, I did not. It’s not that I was concerned about the awkward moment that would ensue. It’s that there were people in the room who are good writers and have even had blogs before. What if they asked me for the name of my blog? What if they read it? Ahhhhh! In other words, I am a vain perfectionist. What do you think about social media?

Did you know that I think it’s okay to waste time? This topic also came up at the the aforementioned, dorkily named, discussion group. It was mentioned peripherally in regards to time on the internet, etc… I have noticed that it comes up a lot in our discussions and many people in the group even talk about how to make your leisure time more productive. This sounds like crazy talk to me! I may have taken the whole leisure time and time wasting thing a little too far. But isn’t there a middle ground? Is it ever okay to waste time?

Did you know that Kerastase makes the best shampoo ever? It does. In yet another stunning rejection of a more chemical- free lifestyle, I have fallen in love with a shampoo that contains the dreaded SLS and many other hard to pronounce things. The conditioner is awesome, too. Yes, I found out about this brand on PW. Yes, I check that website multiple times a day and might need to join a support group.

Did you know that I am writing this post in an effort to avoid doing other things? Those things include: walking the dogs in the cold and making my meal plan for the next week. I suppose that answers my questions about social media and time wasting. Maybe I can argue that blogging is a more productive waste of my time than say, T.V.?

Did you know that I have not eaten out since Fat Tuesday? That’s right. We didn’t even eat out on Sunday. I guess I had better go do my meal plan, so I don’t fall flat on my face in front of God and all seven people who read this.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Doug on February 23, 2010 at 9:28 pm

    I thought for sure you would eat out on Sunday.


  2. Posted by Kate on February 24, 2010 at 11:34 am

    I don’t thinking reading your blog is a waste of time– and I don’t think you writing the blog is a waste of time. Colloquy is crazy– but also great. Their extreme helps balance us out and (gives us good stuff to talk about!!) think what concerns me most about the blog is that other people are going to read my comments to you… I think I’ll start texting you– but I wanted you to have blog comment support! Good job not eating out… I on the other hand have been eating out pretty much every day and it’s so over-rated…. I am secretly glad your lenten sacrifice will be over by the time I move back!!! (I know, I’m such a a good friend!!) 🙂


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