Dinner At Midnight

The husband’s schedule has gone to hell again. He has more work coming in the door than he can handle or even assign each day. This means he had to work most of last weekend and he gets home really late. Like last night, which was after 11:00PM. If you are looking for a “glass half full” view of things, I’d say the economy is feeling a bit better and recovering from it’s virulent stomach bug.

Last night I made chicken and asparagus in a mustard tarragon cream sauce. But…at 8:00 when I decided to make dinner instead of waiting for the husband, the chicken was still quite frozen. So, I made myself mac & cheese and steamed cauliflower and I put the chicken on the counter to thaw faster. And with the help of the microwave and my rapidly improving chopping skills, the husband had “dinner at midnight”.

I got this recipe from the cookbook, “The Perfect Recipe For Losing Weight & Eating Great” by Pam Anderson (no, not the crazy one). It is a unique cookbook for a couple of reasons. The first is that even though it sounds like a diet cookbook, it’s really not. The recipe I’m speaking of here contained heavy cream. It may in fact be a much healthier collection of recipes than some of Ms. Anderson’s other cookbooks, but there are no crazy substitutions of ingredients or lack of sweets. She actually has a sweet treat each day. The other reason that this is a unique cookbook is that Ms. Anderson tells a story in the beginning of the the book. It is the story of her weight loss and the process she went through to find out why she was heavy and how she conquered it. She is very forthcoming about the reasons and the process, but in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you just read a too revealing auto biography or watched an icky reality show. The story part only takes up about 30 pages, and that includes several pages of beautiful food photography. The entire book is just over 300 pages, so a lot of recipes. You can find the book here.

Finally, the recipe! There’s a section in the back of the book called Mix-and-Match Foil Packets. You choose a meat, one or two vegetables and a sauce. You coat the meat and vegetables with the sauce and dump onto foil squares that you crimp into individual packets. Then you either bake in the oven or throw them on the grill. Super easy! The recipe says it serves four, but you would definitely have to serve it with a side dish or two if you were feeding four adults. The verdict at our house was, “very good”. The husband uttered this without being asked, which is a good sign. And also good for his health. He ate two packets for dinner last night and we’re each having one for lunch today.

This Pam Anderson has tons of food writing credits to her name and even writes a fun food blog with her two daughters called, threemanycooks. I’ve given you the link so you don’t search “Pam Anderson” and end up staring at a certain blond, big-boobed Canadian.

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