7 Quick Takes Friday (My 7 Signs That You Are Old)

I am once again linking up to 7 Quick Takes Friday over at Conversion Diary. I haven’t made a new recipe since Wednesday night and I’ve been thinking about aging a lot. So…

My 7 Signs That You Are Old

1. You think the show Car Talk on NPR is funny. Much to my surprise, this happened to me a couple of years ago. I was very shocked because when I was a teenager and my mom would listen to the show while cleaning the house, I hated it. And I mean really loathed it, in a “I want to bang my head against something until I pass out so I don’t have to listen to this crap” kind of way. Now I like it. Very scary!

2. You know what the KGB is. I know many people would say that I have used the wrong tense. I would say I have not. I’m a might bit suspicious of our Russian friends. Probably another sign.

3. You can’t stay up past 1:00AM. I’ve always been a night person. And I can still stay up late. But now it wrecks the next day in a way that it never used to. I know you’re all, “You don’t have a job and can sleep in!”. While this is technically correct, there are two problems with this assumption: a. Labrador retrievers in general and Mr. Bingley specifically. He needs to pee. And when he’s done, they both want their breakfast. They will not be denied! b. This usually happens between 6 – 6:30AM, which leads to #4.

4. You can’t go back to sleep once you are up. This never used to happen to me and I don’t appreciate it. I am famous in my family for my ability to sleep forever, and I would like Father Time to GIVE IT BACK! Note to God: I mean this in a non-encephalitis induced sleeping disease kind of way (very scary program on NPR last week).

5. The need to wear gloves when doing the dishes. Obviously, if I were smarter I would have been doing this for years. Instead, I only began recently when the aged appearance of my hands started to freak me out. It also happens that in the last year or so I was noticing the appearance of a certain other blogger’s hands (a famous one) and thinking, “At least my hands don’t look that bad.”. It turns out they do. I’m a horrible human being.

6. Strange hairs in strange places. I debated whether to include this and WILL NOT be descriptive. If you are under the age of 30 or even 35 and are scoffing while you read this, please re-read #5. Be afraid, be very afraid!

7. Acting like your parents. I know this is the ultimate cliche, but it’s true. I have a lovely mother (Hi Mom!) who misplaces things all the time. And 9 times out of 10 when this happens, she jumps to the conclusion that someone stole her stuff. There is no logical reason for this. She’s never been robbed, etc… My siblings and I find this trait extremely humorous. We have been ribbing her about this for years. And now for me: Last summer we were at a baseball game and I decided to look in my purse for my IPhone. It was not there. I quickly became frantic and turned to the husband and said, (you guessed it) “Someone stole my phone!”. The husband rolled his eyes and suggested I look in the car. Of course, it was in the car. When I returned to the game with my phone, I explained that I realized I had just acted exactly like my mother. And a painful death was awaiting him if he told anyone. I’ve lived with this for six months now, and can talk about it without freaking out. Aren’t you lucky?

Happy Friday!

9 responses to this post.

  1. I feel your pain and can totally relate. Another sign, gray hair and pimples!


  2. Losing ‘stuff’ is funny once in awhile however when you deal with it on a daily basis it does try one’s patience. Your mother, my wife’s, most used phases is; ‘have you seen my’ … As far as getting old you don’t know the half of it! However you may be lucky and have your mother’s ‘good’ genes and still be beautiful in your old age. Hey, I just thought of something, I’m blogging! Love, Ken


  3. Posted by Jesse on March 6, 2010 at 5:31 pm

    Or how about your child holding up a cassette tape and not believing you when you say it actually plays music. Or that you didn’t have a computer in your house while growing up. Or that you remember an East Germany and Yugoslavia. Where’s my cane?!


    • I wonder if I still have any cassette tapes? What ever happened to my Guns and Roses tape and oh my gosh, INXS? I bet they’re in a box in the “room of no purpose”.


  4. Posted by Auntie V on March 6, 2010 at 9:46 pm

    Oh Nic, I laughed through the whole blog as I read it to Uncle Dan. There ARE nasty little gremlins that steal and move my things all the time. I know it’s Uncle Dan, he just won’t admit it. Your # 4 had me laughing so hard I couldn’t even read it aloud. I miss you so much. The puppies are up and walking. Your mom and Ken came to see them today. Stewie was jealous and wouldn’t come. He didn’t want to see dogs cuter than him. Love Auntie V


    • I’m glad you liked it! We’re coming back later this month. Maybe we can see the puppies and the baby, too. Thanks for reading. šŸ™‚ Love Nichole


  5. Well to be honest, I was missing something the other day and knew you took it home after your x-mas visit. Don’t laugh too hard. It was the hair gel.
    Notice I did not say someone stole it. HA! A week later I found it where it was suppose to be but lying on its side, so unseen. So yes, I still think my things are missing not because of my absent mindedness and neat questionable housekeeping skills, but poor vision… another sign of aging. Sometimes “poor vision” can be defined as looking right at it and not see it”. Very scary!
    Thanks for editing Ken’s response. Very lovely of you.

    Mom… the old, forgetful and still “beautiful one” (thanks Ken… his vision is poor too)


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