Books AKA Temptation and Salvation

I love books. I buy and read books all the time. My problem is that they are not always what I should be reading. For example, I’m supposed to be reading The Brothers Karamazov for book club. I am behind in my reading, but that didn’t stop me from reading Sylvester over the weekend. And I have this I can move onto, but I’m trying to resist the temptation. One bright spot in my reading over the last couple of months is Signs of Life by Scott Hahn. I can pick whatever chapter I’m interested in at the time and I’ve been learning/re-learning a lot.

Another category of books I have been buying a lot of lately is cookbooks. One would think that this would be a much safer category. One would be wrong. Many of my cookbooks contain sinful desert recipes. Definitely a temptation. Here is a list of the cook books I have been using the most during Lent and before Lent as well:
Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book – My aunt CJ and Uncle Mike gave it to us for our wedding. It is stained and spattered and I use it all the time. I know my aunt CJ did a lot of research to pick the best, most practical cookbook. She obviously did a good job, because I’m still using it almost 14 years (Holy Cow!) later.
I got this one several years ago when we first found out about the husband’s high cholesterol. Ditto for this one.
I found Saving Dinner through the Flylady.
As I mentioned in this post, we received Sacred Feasts for Christmas from D & J.
And now for the Big Kahuna. During the summer of 2009 I stumbled across the blog thepioneerwoman. It had been around and quite popular for a long time, but was new to me. And I became addicted. One of the things I like is that she photographs every step of her recipes. Someone like me needs that kind of help and reassurance. At the end of last year her cookbook came out and I dutifully waited in line at Borders with 800 other demented women to have mine signed one rainy December night. It was totally worth it and it’s the prettiest and most fun cookbook I’ve ever seen. Through Ree’s blog, I was introduced to the cookbooks of Pam Anderson. We are talking about a Pam Anderson of the brunette and non crazy variety. I now own two of her books and gave a short review of my favorite here.

What is your favorite cookbook and what books are you reading right now?

Happy Birthday to my little sister!!!

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  1. Posted by lou on March 8, 2010 at 10:10 pm

    Did you see who is doing The Shred? I bet you will try it now:) And I gave up buying any new books for lent…no reading for fun.


    • How do you think I knew to buy it in the first place? She’s supposed to have been doing it for months, but hasn’t. I may have found my “workout soul mate”!


  2. I carted 10 to the used book store for sale and was paid for 2. The rest I left as I wanted to be rid of them, minimal storage and someone else may enjoy. The most oft used by myself is Betty Crocker for reinforcement of my long used recipes learned as a young adult. Others used are church fund raiser cook books with all the unhealthy (mostly) but delicious family, favorite recipes.


  3. Posted by Erika on March 10, 2010 at 6:44 pm

    I LOVE cookbooks! I have way too many to name just one favorite. I really like Taste of Home, my Iowa Machine Shed cookbook (who knew you could make pork chops so many different ways?), and the one my Grandma Mc put together of all her recipes. Fortunately, my mom gave me a copy so I didn’t have to actually pay my Grandma for it! The “Building the Family” cookbook that Laura gave me a few years ago is really good, too. You would think I would cook more often than I do! I’m not reading anything for fun right now, but I have a stack of books I want to read during spring break!


  4. Posted by Andrea on March 11, 2010 at 7:55 pm

    This is incredible…I can actually hear you telling these stories. You should blog every day so I have some entertainment on my down time. I especially love the 7 things about getting old….I may be under 30, but I always think someone stole my stuff when I can’t find it.


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