What Happens In Vegas…

So, a doctor and a lawyer went to Vegas… It’s actually not a joke! It really happened in October. We met our friends D & J in Las Vegas to have some fun and attend the U2 concert (I will not enter into the tale of heinous logistics here. Suffice it to say if you are going to a concert in Vegas, make sure it’s on the strip.). While we all agree that we had a great time, there remains one blight on our time there in the mind of D. D is still so upset about the way J and I handled something, that he continues to whine about it every time we get together. The husband tries to be supportive of D’s position while still acknowledging that I had a point. Since it is a boys vs. ladies dispute, he doesn’t want to abandon his friend. On the other hand, he does not want to anger me into a detailed re-telling of his less-than-stellar behavior (my memory is a little too good sometimes and of course, I wasn’t drunk).

Here’s the deal: We all live in the Central time zone and Vegas is in the Pacific. So when we got there, it was two hours earlier in Las Vegas than where we live. At 11:30 PM Vegas time (1:30 AM to our bodies), J and I requested (and then insisted) that we head back to our hotel because we were tired. D and the husband did not like this idea. I should now mention that D and most especially the husband had already been drunk for at least two hours at this point. The husband had achieved the much dreaded glassy eyes in a lounge at our hotel around 9:00 PM. In the 17 years I have known the husband, I have accumulated much knowledge and experience with the glassy eyes. This caused me to be very worried (with good reason). The funny thing is, D has known the husband for the same amount of time and knows from experience that I am right. I understand D not agreeing with me when inebriated, but am baffled by his continued beating of a drunk horse (ha! get it?). How short his memory is! The husband and D wanted to keep walking around Vegas for several more hours and suggested that they go it alone. Not! We all went back to the hotel and fairly soon to bed. Since D continues to feel mistreated, I told him I would do a poll.

***After reading the above, I feel that I should clarify. J and I were not worried that our husbands would do something really immoral. We just didn’t want them to get into any drunken fights or gamble when drunk,or have such massive hang overs as to be worthless, etc…***

3 responses to this post.

  1. Too funny, not if you were there though! I voted #2. Haven’t been to Vegas in a few years, I know it can be an exciting place to visit!!


  2. Posted by Andrea on March 29, 2010 at 11:23 am

    I think I remember this story…I’m with you Nichole. A fight could have led to jail, which would have led to a terrible time in Vegas….so u really just made sure everyone’s trip was going to continue to be fun. Boys (no, not men) need us ladies in these times…u did a great job!


  3. Posted by Jesse on March 30, 2010 at 1:48 pm

    Doug has been asking his guy friends to vote…if it were only up to sentient beings, we’d be winning by a landslide! ūüôā


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