Let’s Talk Food

I think I may have failed to make one new recipe a week during Lent. I need to go back and read my own blog. But if my memory is correct, there’s one week in there without a new recipe. I think it was last week. I guess that’s not surprising, since we were traveling for a couple of days. I did make an old recipe that I had not made for a couple of years. How does that happen? You have a recipe you make well and like and then poof, you forget to make it anymore.

My forgotten recipe is Mexican Style Stuffed Zucchini. It’s from The Healing Healthy Heart Cookbook. It is a meatless recipe, so it might work well for a couple of days this week. Let me know if you want the recipe and I’ll get it to you.

Now for baking! Sugar rules my world! In case you were wondering, this is a problem. Last Saturday I made these. Really good. And this Friday or Saturday I am going to attempt the cinnamon rolls from PW’s cookbook to take to Easter brunch at a friend’s house.

I am also contemplating this dip for Easter brunch. We’ll see how much time I have. My sister is coming on Friday!!! And we have lots of plans for Saturday. I hope everyone is making lovely plans for Easter. I am looking forward to my sister’s visit and brunch with friends. I am so grateful to our friends who are having over 20 people for brunch on Easter. It’s going to be lots of fun.

About Monday’s poll: It looks like J and I won with 50% of the vote. The remaining votes were split between options 1 and 4. Option 3 received no votes. I think if D hadn’t recruited votes, we would have won by more. But I don’t really care, it was fun. One of his recruits even bashed him in the poll comments! I love how guys can bash each other with no consequences. Sometimes it’s annoying that women (myself included) are so sensitive. I doubt these results will alleviate D’s sense of injustice, but it was worth a try!

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  1. I definitely think you should make the dip! yummy!


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