The Rundown

So, the 40 days of Lent are over and we are now in the Easter Season, a season of joy! I have a few questions to answer:

1. Was I successful in my Lenten sacrifice of not eating out? I think the answer is mostly yes. I wish the answer was a definitive yes, but I had a few flubs and a few necessary diversions from my plan. I knew at the beginning that we would be road tripping to Nebraska in March. I actually ate out one less day than I originally thought because weather delayed our trip. Non-Sunday eating out for the trip was two days. I also caved and got a large Coke in the McDonalds drive thru twice. This is a practice I usually engage in once every two to three weeks because of headaches that I can’t seem to zap with Excedrin. I did try to keep Coke in the house during Lent to avoid this, but I had problems. I kept drinking it! I have serious Coke (cola, not the other!) issues, which is why I don’t usually have it in the house. Yes, I realize this contributes mightily to my super sized ass problem. I also ate out for lunch on my birthday. I probably would have forgone it, but my best friend was in town (to buy a house!!!!!!!!!!! in my hood!!!!!!!!!!) and I decided God would understand. That rationalization probably means I shouldn’t have. It’s similar to, “He has a good heart, but…”. Another part that was not 100% was the lunch making for the husband. It got especially bad there at the end of Lent. I don’t actually have a good count, but it might be as many as 4 or 5 days that he had to fend for himself.

2. Did I cook lots of new recipes? I made several new recipes. More than I had in the last several years. But, not as many as my original delusions of grandeur. I also failed to make two in particular that I even bought the ingredients for. The first was for mushroom bourguignon, the recipe can be found at Smitten Kitchen. The second happened this past weekend. I did not make PW’s cinnamon rolls. Here is what happened: After I wrote on the blog that I was going to make them, I went back and read the recipe again. I hadn’t glanced at it in over a month at that point. I immediately became concerned. A little bit about the quantity, it makes 40-50 rolls. But mostly about the icing. It calls for maple flavoring and 1/4 cup of coffee. These are not flavors I personally associate with cinnamon rolls. After talking it over with the husband, I decided to use her ingredients list for the actual roll part, but use the quantities from my Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook. And make cream cheese icing. The next challenge became when to make the rolls, so that I had time to do them, but they were relatively fresh for Sunday brunch. I decided that it had to be Saturday, but Saturday was crazy busy. And I’m not a morning person. We had tickets for a play Saturday afternoon and spent about 45 minutes at the Nasher. Then spent another hour at the new Whole Foods at North Park. By the time we got home, ate and got changed, it was time to go the Easter Vigil mass. That was over three hours long. I was finally convinced by my sister and friends at midnight while sitting in the Waffle House, that me baking rolls was not going to happen! After traipsing through Walmart for cans of Pillsbury and doing the flower arrangements for brunch, I went to bed at 2:30 AM.

3. Am I going to continue blogging? The answer for right now, is yes. I think I have another 40 days in me and I still think it’s fun. Starting tomorrow, April 6 thru May 15, I will be doing 40 Days Of…I’ll tell you tomorrow.

Forgotten flubs: While proof reading this post I remembered two big flubs. The Saturday evening a few weeks ago when I was supposed to have a dinner party, we took everyone out for dinner and only had dessert at our house (the source of my carrot cake binge). Sometimes when Aunt Margaret comes to visit, I get very ill and have trouble being out of bed. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you don’t want to. The husband had to work that entire day and could not help me get dinner done. Also, this past Saturday we ate a dinner of prepared foods from Whole Foods. I really didn’t have time to make anything that day, but I should have thought ahead and made something on Friday. I have finally come to the realization that preparedness is at least half the battle, if not more. And I suck at it.

I think I did okay with this Lenten challenge. And probably did better because of the blog than I would have without it. I think next year I need to do more. Give something up, but also try to do things that are good for me that I avoid or procrastinate about. How did you do with your Lenten sacrifice? Will you do the same next year, or change it up?

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