What To Do With The Kitchen Desk: Before And After

The picture of my baked rigatoni above really has nothing to do with my kitchen desk area. But I thought any post about the kitchen should have some yummy food. If you want the recipe, you can find it at Tasty Kitchen. Don’t be too impressed. I’ve only submitted two recipes and no one has rated this one yet. 🙂

Now for the desk area. My house was built in 1995. I think one of the giveaways as to the age of the house is that desk area. Don’t get me wrong. I like it. It’s very nice and I could probably be utilizing it better than I am. A little digression: While writing this post and looking at these pictures of my slate back splash, I am reminded of two interesting posts I read recently at Colour Me Happy. This one about kitchens. After reading it, I finally understood the reason for the slate back splash in my kitchen and why it works. And this one about slate in the bathroom. Not a big fan, in case you were wondering. Both post are really interesting and worth a read. Back to the topic at hand!

Here is the before picture:

As you can see, it didn’t look too bad. I had found those flat, red file boxes several months ago at Container Store. They are the perfect size for something like a kid’s artwork that you want to keep. I am using mine for receipts. One for the previous month and one for the current month.

The real problem was turning out to be the cubbies. They just looked messy. I naively thought that it would be a cinch to find baskets that would fit. After many, many hours of internet searching, sore shoulders and fruitless shopping trips, I had to adjust my “vision” for the space. I basically started looking for any containers that would fit. After buying some less than exciting clear plastic ones, I stumbled across these at Land of Nod. And they fit! Just barely!

If you are having trouble seeing, just click on the picture to enlarge. Those black tags you see are chalk board tags that I purchased from TheShabbyChicCottage on Etsy. As you can see, a few are still blank. Room to grow is good.

Finally, I added this chair from Pottery Barn. It’s comfortable and unobtrusive.

What do you think? Worth the effort and expense?

3 responses to this post.

  1. I like it… I think it makes it so much cleaner and you do not have to stare at your bills piled up in the cubbies… you can just throw stuff in there. Somehow I am imagining blue people on those. Like the ones you see in dutch pottery.



  2. I think it turned out great! ox Amanda


  3. What a great storage solution. Those little bins couldn’t be more perfect. Custom. The tags just top off the whole look. You have an eye.

    Thank you, too, for stopping by Becolorful


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