New Art! (and guidelines for picture hanging)

I have a couple of “problems”, dishes and art. They are the two things that I will buy just because I like them and with no idea exactly where they will go and how they will be used. I’m not talking about expensive stuff in either one of these categories. I have hardly any really fancy china, except what the husband just bought me. Thanks again, honey! And very few things that are hanging on my walls are originals. I buy art because I like it and because it means something to me. This has served me well, as I can think of very few pieces that I don’t still like as much as when I first saw them.

This piece was given to us by our good friends D & J for Christmas one year.
The artist lays on the floor of St Peter’s Basilica and takes pictures until the nuns yell at him. 🙂 Then he uses those photos for his paintings. We love it and always get great compliments on it. If anyone wants the name of the artist, let me know. I’m having trouble reading the signature and forgot to ask J until a couple of days ago to see if she still has the info.. That picture has hung about where it is now for over a year. It’s the other two pieces that are newer and have finally been framed.
***J just sent the information in the comments section. The artist is Paul Jackson. Thanks J!***

This is an aerial photograph of the University of Notre Dame.
We lived in South Bend for three years and really wanted a nice photo of ND. This piece has the added benefit that we are acquainted with the photographer. He is from our home town and even went to my high school. His name is Matt Cashore and you can click here to see more of his work. Matt is also a pilot. He has some very neat pictures of ND, planes, flying and sports.

This is a photograph of the Santa Catalina Arch in Antigua, Guatemala.
This is by photographer Dave Wilson. You can find his work here and his blog here. One of the great things about blogging is, I probably never would have looked for Dave’s site if I wasn’t writing this. But I’m glad I did. Cool stuff. (The texture you see on the blue mats is because I used suede mating. It gives a much deeper color than paper.)

So, here is the Before:

View from the family room. Kitchen to the right. Butler's pantry to the left.

***Editor’s Notes***
1. You should feel very sorry for my Nikon. I don’t know what the hell I’m doing with it!
2. I didn’t realize until loading this picture that the piece to the left of the door way is a bit crooked. How could I not tell when taking the photo?!

Here is the After:

Kitchen to the right. Butler's pantry to the left.

I chose to group these pieces together because they have some similarities. 1. They all depict architecture. 2. They all depict architecture related to the Catholic church (I happen to be Catholic). I’m sure you are wondering how the Santa Catalina Arch is Catholic. It is the entrance to a convent. I think I would have put it with the group even if it wasn’t, but it’s interesting none the less.

Now for the picture hanging guidelines. I did a bit of research last year for a talk I was asked to give. A talk about home decor, that I was and am completely unqualified to give. But that’s another post! I’ve always noticed when people hang their pictures too high. It bugs me almost as much as white bras. WHAT?! White bras?!

***Take it from someone who sold and fitted bras for nearly five years, me. White bras, unless in the form of a cami, bra-cami or sports bra, are completely useless. If you have some sort of allergies that require you to only wear white bras, so sorry. Please do not read this next part. I don’t want you to feel bad. White bras show under nearly everything. Especially white shirts. So if you want everyone to know exactly what your bra looks like, wear a white one. If you can only buy one bra, match your skin tone. For me, that’s really pale. But if you are darker complected, head towards mocha. If you can buy two bras, add black or navy to your cart. This concludes the How Not To Look Tacky In A Bra service announcement. EXCEPT – apply the same rule to panties! Thank you!***

If you are a male, and are still reading – I apologize for subjecting you to that!

Back to picture hanging. Here is what I found in my research. Galleries use 5’7″ on center. That means that the center of the picture is 67″ from the floor. Home stagers use between 60″ and 65″ on center. You should adjust given your personal circumstances. We have ten foot ceilings, so we generally use between 64″ and 67″ on center. Furniture placement also causes adjustment. Generally, you shouldn’t have the bottom edge of a picture higher than 5″ or 6″ above a piece of furniture. It will look disconnected if you do. There are clearly lots of circumstances when these rules may not work. But they are good general guidelines to know.

If you happen to live in the DFW metroplex, I use Art and Frame Depot in Plano. I have used them for over nine years now, and I highly recommend them.
So much so, that I drive 25 minutes one way to take my stuff there. If you are framing stuff on your own (which I do sometimes), consider buying non-glare glass. Aaron Brothers (and probably whatever chain is near you) has it in stock in most standard sizes and it makes a big difference.

Hope you like my new pictures as much as I do! Stop by Between Naps On The Porch to see all the other links to Metamorphosis Monday.

6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jesse on April 19, 2010 at 12:05 pm

    Hey! I just read through my email and saw your ? – the artist is Paul Jackson ( He has some amazing cathedral artwork – wish I could afford an original!


  2. I’m delighted to hear that you like the Santa Catalina print! It looks wonderful framed.


  3. You have some beautiful art pieces.


  4. You crack me up. We share the same art & plate buying quirk. I love that the pieces in your cluster have meaning. There is an artist who paints gorgeous paintings of the valley where we went to college, they’re just kind-of-pricey. They remind of of the aerial photo of Notre Dame.


    • I hate it when I lust after expensive art! I can still remember the very tiny oil painting I wanted to buy while visiting Annapolis nine years ago. But we just couldn’t swing it. Maybe your artist has prints or even cards? I order those a lot. Thanks for stopping by!


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