Customer Service – the good, the bad and the why are you in business?

The amazing Chihuly ceiling in the lobby of the Bellagio: a place with great customer service.

I’m very big on customer service. I don’t think that makes me any different than your average consumer. I did work in jobs where I dealt with the public in a customer service capacity for over 10 years. This may make me a little different than the average person. My work and training experience can make me difficult to deal with if your customer service skills suck. I don’t put up with much. On the other hand, I can be more sympathetic than your average customer, if I see you treated badly by another customer or co-worker. And I really try hard to show my appreciation for good customer service.

At the U2 concert in Las Vegas. The scene of much questionable customer service.

I’ve had some really bad customer service experiences in the recent past. It would be very easy and even cathartic to tell you all about them. And bash the companies involved. But I won’t. I will say this: Bad customer service comes in many forms. 1. Rude. 2. Clueless with no desire to fix the information deficit. 3. Making mistakes, without the ability or desire to fix them. I must add here that there seem to be many companies and many people working for said companies, who have forgotten why they are in business. They are in business to serve the customer. And if they continue down this bad and ugly path, they will no longer be in business.

At the Frisco Rough Riders game last season. This minor league organization has got skills, when it comes to customer service (and playing ball, too!).

In that same vein, good customer service also comes in many forms. 1. Friendly. 2. Knows what they are doing. 3. The ability and desire to fix mistakes. 4. The desire to find the right answer, even if they have to put some effort into it.

In appreciation of their good customer service, here are some companies that I have had good experiences with:

Kate Quinn Organics – Organic clothing, bedding and bath for babies and kids. They have also started to carry some women’s clothing and maternity clothing.

Nest – Dallas home furnishings boutique.

Pieces – Atlanta home furnishings boutique. – I won’t insult your intelligence. 🙂

I didn’t have completely perfect transactions with all of the above places (I did with some). But, in each instance they made everything right and they were friendly while doing it. And that’s what counts.

Have any particularly good or bad customer service experiences lately?

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  1. I too am a big believer in customer service, which is why I tend to frequent smaller businesses as I find I get better service. E.g., Mod Green Pod (the organic fabric gals out of Austin) are truly awesome on that front. Also a big fan of Revival Home & Garden (they special ordered a piece for me and were so gracious!). As for bigger stores, I’ve had good luck with Ethan Allen.


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