It’s Spring In The Family Room

I finally did my spring cleaning in the family room. I also changed out the pillows and did a tray on the coffee table instead of the basket I had been using.


I am so proud of myself, because I actually went online and looked at Martha’s spring cleaning tips. And then I did a lot of them. Amazing! I even cleaned the windows. But I have one teeny, tiny bone to pick with Miss Martha’s notion that all books and objects must come off the shelves for spring cleaning. I say, that’s why God created a person who invented the Swiffer Duster. I love Swiffer! Amen!

BTW, have you seen the blog In Pursuit Of Martha Points? It was on the WordPress homepage last weekend. I think it’s really funny.

Here is my family room before the spring time transformation:

Woops! I cut off the TV

And here is another angle:

Look how nicely Mr. Darcy is posing for the camera.

Here’s what Mr. Darcy used to think about cameras in his adolescence:

Devil Dog!

Are you still with me? Did Mr. Darcy scare everyone off? It’s the perfect name for him. He’s very misunderstood. Here is the family room after my cleaning and refreshing:

My poor couches are ready to be re-covered. The green one looks especially sad. 😦

One more angle:

Clean windows!

I’m linking up this springtime transformation to Metamorphosis Monday over at Between Naps On The Porch. There are lots of great links every Monday to before and afters of all kinds of projects. Take a look.

Here is some sourcing information in case you are interested. I bought all of the pillow covers last year from Pottery Barn. So, they don’t have these exact pillows available anymore. But, there’s always a nice, bold red stripe available in their pillow collection. And I found the butterfly pillow along with two more in a similar style at Plow & Hearth right now. I am quite certain their price is better than what I paid at PB last year. The actual pillows inside the decorative covers were bought from an online retailer whose information I cannot find. They are organic cotton covers filled with organic wool. They have held up really well and dust mites don’t like wool, which means I love wool. The only new piece in the room is the tray. It is Jonathan Adler, but his site was sold out. Pieces in Atlanta was able to help me out. I want to do something to update the mantle and I’m not super happy with the table lamp either. I thinks it’s the right shape, but I think I wish it was white ceramic. Overall, I’m happy with the change brought by the pillows and the addition of the tray. Happy Monday!

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  1. Posted by thedomesticfringe on April 25, 2010 at 9:51 pm

    Love the transformation! Very springy and bright.



  2. As cheesy as this may sound, it all looks very spring-like now! Nice job! Dropping by from BNOTP, #7.



  3. I love the tray and the butterfly pillows – they both say Spring!


  4. Posted by Cheryl on April 26, 2010 at 9:12 am

    Just saw your post at Young House Love. My first time here. Spotted your lamp in your photos above; I have the same lamp and agree with your leanings toward white ceramic. I’m having the same leanings. Dark colors are like magnets sometimes and I cannot believe what a change even a white desk is doing in my room now. So I’m switching out to white and glass for the lamps. And my daughter will inherit this lamp (and I really like the lamp! but we live in a downsized home now and dark colors are not working so well), LOVE the greens and reds in this room! and that white tray brings light and spring into your home. nice touches.


    • Thanks for affirming my lamp feelings. Now I just have to get a new one without admitting to the husband that he was right about this one. Ha! 🙂 Thanks for stooping by.


  5. Posted by Cheryl on April 26, 2010 at 9:30 am

    Check-out TJMaxx — they had some possibilities when I was there this weekend. I also like some of the white lamps at CB2 and Z Gallerie. And love the Bell Jar lamp at West Elm for my desk (the latter a little pricey). Not sure I’d get glass for a centrally located lamp, however, with a family. Since you like Jonathan Adler, you might like the Mariposa Lamp at Z Gallerie — seems very Adler to me though not his.


  6. Hi! Just wanted to let you know that you won the FrogTape giveaway on my blog (The Newlywed Diaries)! E-mail me with your address and I’ll get your goodies in the mail!

    Your room looks great — very cheerful!


  7. Hi Nichole!
    Love the tray and your new spring look! It’s amazing how a few touches can revamp a space. I have one suggestion. Since you like the lamp and not the color; why not paint it instead of buying a new one? Rust-oleum has some great shades of white that would certainly do the trick. Remember to prime first though with Bin or Zinsser spray primer. I have had great success with many of my projects when I use either of these primers.

    As for the cabinet shop cost for cutting my table, if I remember correctly (it was some time ago), they charged roughly $40. Thanks for visiting!


    • Jselyn, it’ so funny that you are suggesting this. I’ve been muttering to myself for the last hour about how I wish I was brave and talented with the spray paint like so many of the bloggers I read. If I do paint it, the cord will still be quite dark. Have you ever dealt with this? Is it a big problem to change the cord?


  8. Thank you for stopping by my blog but especially thank you for leaving a comment. Making new blogging friends is always fun and always welcomed!

    You have such a great looking family room. So warm and inviting! Doesn’t it make you feel so great to have some of the spring cleaning done already! I worked like a mad woman last Sunday and got lots done too. It sure felt great afterwards to sit back and enjoy the CLEAN!

    Have a great week!


  9. Gorgeous!! That tray is just what I have been looking for! You can mail it to me if you want! 😉


  10. So great what you can do with fresh accessories and new pillows for the season!! Love it.

    Art by Karena


  11. Looks great Nichole — and I love that you named your dog Mr. Darcy!!


  12. What a great room, so warm and inviting. Love Mr Darcy he seems so at home in your room.


  13. Love your family room and the transformation for spring looks great. Love that red couch! Mr. Darcy is very handsome.


  14. I love how all the colors in your living room come together – gorgeous!

    And who isn’t completely head-over-heels in love with Swiffer dusters?


  15. Posted by Jesse on April 27, 2010 at 11:59 am

    Ok, I can’t decide if I should never allow you to see my house again (unless it gives you inspiration on what not to do with your own) or if I should just never see yours in person. Every one of your blasted rooms looks amazing and I can’t even get one of mine to look clean!! Grr.


    • I think you are being too nice to me and too hard on yourself. Your house is awesome! And you have little people! Check back tomorrow, I guarantee you’ll feel better. 😉


  16. How delightful! I would happily spend all of my time in that room with a book. And Mr. Darcy.

    I’ve enjoyed your comments over at All Astonishment. Thanks so much for visiting.

    Oh, did I mention that I love your pet names? We have a Lizzy kitty (short for Elizabeth, of course). But then things go downhill from there. Frodo and Strider were named by the children during the LOTR craze. And my family wouldn’t let me name our new puppy, “Willoughby”. 😛


    • Thanks for your lovely comments Kiana! Willoughby would have been a great name for a puppy. Whenever he was naughty, but you loved him anyway you think “it’s the perfect name!”.


  17. I love what you did with the room! Especially the white tray. 🙂


  18. Thanks Val! Thanks for stopping by.


  19. Posted by Megan on February 18, 2011 at 5:05 pm

    Just randomly found your blog from one of your comments on PWs posts 🙂 Just had to leave you a comment because I thought I was the only whack-job who named their dog Mr. Darcy! I never thought I’d meet another! I really do think it’s a clever name – and I will always want to get him a sister and name her Miss Elizabeth!


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