All The Planting Is Done…Finally

Planting Done, Grass Needs CPR

The planting is all done and the maintenance phase has begun. This post has pictures from our front yard, which we actually completed before the back. BUT, I’m a bad blogger and I forgot to take “before” pictures.

Also, I’ve been a little depressed about my hiring of the yard guys. They came at the beginning of May and repaired the back patio (good), removed overgrown plants (good), planted ferns and hostas and a hydrangea (good), weeded and pruned (not so good), treated the yard for chinch bugs (really not good).

An explanation of the not good:
1. While we were walking the yard, talking about what needed to be done, some of the guys started. And by the time we got back they had ripped out my phlox. I tried to be understanding because I didn’t want the poor hourly wage guys to get in heaps of trouble, but I’m really annoyed. They put the phlox back, but the root systems were gone and they died. No offer of compensation from the company.
2. The VERY EXPERIENCED manager from the HIGHLY RATED (on Angie’s List) company, whose been in business for 22 years assured me that I had chinch bugs in my lawn. Then charged me $200 to treat them. He never mentioned TARR, which is afflicting my type of grass from here to Houston ( I found this out last week). So, now I don’t know what I have and I think he may have totally ripped me off.

The real dilemma is that I need to put a review on Angie’s List. Since it’s not going to be all positive, I feel I must call and give them a chance to fix it. And even though I don’t shy away from confrontation, I’m dreading it.

Enough whining, here are some more pictures:

Fixed Flower Bed, More Horrible Grass

Phlox No More 😦

This year's effort on the front porch.

Above is a close up of how my pots look on the front porch this year. What you can’t see is the tropical hibiscus tree in the center. Here is last year’s effort:

While I like this year’s just fine, I think last year’s is my favorite. It’s probably because it was the first time I had ever attempted to plant such large pots, and I was very pleasantly surprised at how they turned out. We moved the Confederate Star Jasmine from these pots to our back garden because it was looking a little too messy. Here is a shot of the front, so you can see the symmetry of both pots:

The tropical hibiscus is not blooming yet in this picture. One just bloomed last night. They are supposed to be red, but it looks pink… I’m waiting to see if the other blooms the same color. I hope so, or it’s going to drive me nuts all summer. At least I can blame the husband, since he bought them. There’s always a silver lining. 🙂

2 responses to this post.

  1. Looks just gorgeous! And I sympathize with forgetting to take a before photo – I do that all the time!


  2. your pots look gorgeous! i have dirt in mine. that’s all.


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