Big XII Conspiracy Theory

If anyone left in the Big XII wants someone to blame for the disruptions, I think they should direct their anger at Texas. It was after all, Texas, who started looking to leave for “more money”.

But what if…
Texas only put those rumors out there, because they knew Nebraska and Colorado would jump overboard like scared, and cowardly sailors? That’s right, I just called my team some names. What if they wanted to get rid of Nebraska and Colorado? What if this was some sort of Yankee purification of the conference? If my crazy and unfounded theory is correct – watch out Iowa State! You have a target on your back.

Either way, I now picture all of the decision makers at those three schools as that Damon Wayans character who walks around saying, “Mo money, mo money, mo money”.

2 responses to this post.

  1. What! You have been away from Nebraska too long to think like that! We, Nebraska, didn’t want to wait for ‘our little princess’, Texas, to make up their mind on the Pac 10 deal. We were asked by the Big Ten to be an equal partner and yes that would be a nice change from the Big 12 and ‘whatever Texas wants they get, i.e. their own television deal and the money that goes with it…the Big 12 Championship after the official time keeper runs on the field and says the game is over. The Big 10 is and will be a better ‘fit’ for Nebraska. We choose to make the move because it was best for us and the University. It will be great to ‘host’ Texas this year and show them that Nebraska is back and Big 10 bound. Who are we to do this to the Big 12? WE ARE NEBRASKA! Go Big Red!


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