Spoiled Dogs: Or How To Play Badminton When You Live With Labs

Before our family showed up, I wondered how badminton was going to go over with the dogs and with the three year old. We found out quite quickly that it didn’t go well at all with the dogs. The three year old didn’t cause any problems.

The photos below document a portion of the insanity that ensued every time we got out the racquets.

Mr. Bingley has his eye on the birdie.

One dog for each team. What's the problem?

My brother-in-law, a cat person, trying to be nice to my insane dogs.

Aunt Nichole, how am I supposed to win like this?!

In the end, we had to put the dogs in the house, where they drooled and barked at us through the french doors. If I was under any delusions about my dogs not being spoiled (I wasn’t), this would have killed them. They are quite sure that anything fun that happens in their house or yard should include them. This also applies to my niece and two nephews chasing each other around the house, trying to maim each other with t-shirts. It was quite a sight to see the three kids and two dogs tearing around the house in a demented conga line. Mr. Darcy had a frisbee in his mouth the whole time. He’ll try to take advantage of any situation to get some play time. 🙂

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