Poor Tom Cruise

So we went to the late showing of Knight And Day last night. We all really liked it. I don’t know why the critics have it in for Tom Cruise, but they must. They didn’t give it very good reviews, and we couldn’t figure out why. He and Cameron Diaz are both good. It was funny and the action sequences are over the top. The movie really moves along at a great pace.

I really don’t see why it didn’t get better reviews. It can’t be because Tom’s a whackadoo. So are lots of people in the movies, and they still get good reviews. If you are looking for an entertaining movie this weekend, I have no trouble recommending Knight And Day.

2 responses to this post.

  1. I need more! As someone who hadn’t heard of the movie before this post, I’m gonna need more detail before deciding whether or not to see it!

    Not that your recommendation isn’t a strong positive!


    • Sorry, Megan! I guess it was a bit thin. 🙂 I’m always concerned about giving too much away. Tom Cruse is a secret agent, which he always does well. Cameron Diaz is a little wacky and off balance, which she always does well. She gets accidentally embroiled in his secret agent stuff and hijinks and crazy action stuff ensues. They also might be attracted, but it’s PG-13, so no worries.


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