I Have A Blog? Really?

So I’ve been a bit lax in my posting. It’s hot here and I tend to hibernate. I’ve been trying to get up early to get the dogs walked and get my gardening done. To say that I am not a morning person would be understating things quite significantly. Just ask the husband how often one annoying, little comment from him in the AM ends with me saying, “Apologize, or I won’t make your lunch and dinner just became very iffy!” Works every time.

Speaking of the husband, his new office is almost a reality. I think the moving date might be this weekend. I already posted on here before, this painting which will go in his office:

The painting above is going to go in a different spot than we originally thought. So… he’s either going to steal my painting:

Or he’s going to get another painting. If he steals mine, I definitely get another painting. Here a few things that have shown up recently for his office:

2 Vases And A Frog!

While I may have found most of the stuff, everything that gets purchased is ultimately his choice. Can’t wait to see how it all turns out!

***UPDATE*** The artist for the fist two paintings is Anne Burkholder. The painter of the frog is Elizabeth Rieke-Hefley.

One response to this post.

  1. He is clearly going to have the classiest office ever.

    I’m envious.


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