Hunter Douglas: Genius or Insane?

I found out yesterday that Hunter Douglas decided to pull all of their window treatments off of the internet as of June 1. You can now only purchase their products through local designers and decorators who are authorized dealers.

This effects me because the wood blinds I have used in my breakfast and family rooms are Hunter Douglas. I have a set of french doors right in between those two rooms. While I would like new doors, it’s not happening anytime soon. So, the obvious fix is new blinds.

Esther at was very helpful and got back to me almost immediately with an explanation as to why I couldn’t find what I needed on their site. She’s also sending me some samples from their current product line to see if anything matches.

I’m really torn as to what I think about this. On the one hand, it’s very annoying for me personally. It’s also a strange thing for Hunter Douglas to do in this increasingly DIY world that we live in. On the other hand, I don’t want to be dismissive or disrespectful of designers. I read several blogs by professional interior designers and I even know one in person. I absolutely get that their experience and education brings so much to the table, that my home would look better and more pulled together if I hired one.

Truthfully, I’ve not come across anyone in those stores that are window treatments only, or those places that come to your house for free estimates, who is a designer. They are generally very experienced with the products that they sell, and I respect that. But it’s not like ordering custom made curtains.

So, I remain torn on this issue. What do you think, is Hunter Douglas nuts? Or was this a wise decision for reasons that I am unaware of?

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  1. Find a local certified blind and shutter person in your area. If your buying Hunter Douglas your paying too much. You can buy dozens of other products for 1/2 the cost of Hunter Douglas.


    • Posted by big John on August 8, 2010 at 7:52 am

      You can buy crap for 1/2 the price!………. I think the reason for geting off the internet is because Joe’s window coverings can change his name to every 6 months once he starts runing into problems.

      They also have no overhead compared to us Gallery and showcase dealers Debbies discount windows that operates out of the trunk of her car that offers you a cell phone # and no physical address Can sell it for less. We have been a HD dealer for 22 years we have 5 designers and do about 1 1/2 million a year in sales my cost factor on applause is 2.7 and 3.9 for Duette and even with that we still get beat some times by internet sales. I think its a great thing what HD has done.


      • It’s not all crap big John. Hunter Douglas is buying up the smaller profitable fabricators as fast as they can to gain even more market share. Vista, Timber, etc… Warranties are all the same for the most part. I have had issues with Hunter NOT covering their black out cell shades because the guy smokes. Pretty lame if you ask me.
        Truth is there are many quality brands besides Hunter Douglas. HD just happens to be the biggest, leads in innovation, provides the best support for us dealers. Somebody needs to pay for all of it.

      • I would guess 90% of the window covering shops opened in the last 10 years have been shop at home. Yes, there is still room for store fronts that sell a wide range of products. Hunter Douglas is perfect company to do just that. They make great products and have many choices. They offer professional services that many consumers appreciate. Their decision to not sell on the internet has zero effect on me and my 300 dealers who are members of the blind brokers network. We have always sold a wide range of products at ridiculously low prices. We’re able to do this through group buying, low cost marketing and affiliates. It works for us and our dealers. Our customers seem to like it, they keep buying more and more blind and shutters.

    • Posted by Nancy Ball on December 9, 2016 at 11:15 am

      A hunter douglas dealer came to my house yesterday, he was rude and unprofessional. he put his samples and cases on my unmade bed, when i remarked that my husband sleeps on those sheets he laughed telling me they aren’t dirty and said he keeps them in the seat in his vehicle. my quote was 1341. even. this was for 8 shades and 1 roller shade. his estimate was all in even numbers, after a phony discount to make me think i was getting a bargain. he said the installation was free. after his “discount” my total was 1072. he said it would be 4 wks or longer to get my order because of the holiday season. when he left I watched as he put all his samples and cases on the back floor of his van. i also got a bid from a storefront company where we have bought carpet and blinds previously. he said they don’t sit down with a piece of paper and pen, their calculations are done by computer. my e mail came this morning and WITH installation came in at 910.84 these are skandia blinds and solas shades which i have found are the same shade brand hd is a quote i found:
      “I work in the blind industry, and I think Hunter Douglas is overpriced. They are good blinds but you can get a similar quality blind for much less . The company I work for sells mostly Skandia blinds and the people who have bought these blinds have not reported having a problems with them.” My blinds and shade will be here in one week!


  2. I am very excited about the decision that Hunter Douglas made to eliminate internet sales of their products. DIY people call me daily about installing their products when they can’t figure out how to install. I also get numerous calls for repairs. Internet companies do not offer service after their sale!!!


    • Hunter Douglas is protecting their image. They are all about producing a high quality product. I am sure that the internet sales were not significant enough to warrant the discounts that they had to agree to give the large online marketers. You should look for a local company who specializes in window coverings. You do not have to pay decorator hourly fees. You may also find a great resource for down the road, when your blinds break. By buying local you are helping your local economy (schools, police department, fire department.) None of these local services receive a dime from your online supplier. Check out


      • Your argument for buying local is the best one I’ve heard so far. BTW – I was paying my state’s sales tax for my online blinds. So, at least I was supporting my state. 🙂

  3. Posted by big John on August 8, 2010 at 10:08 am


    That would be some of our 60,000 past and present clients that are paying for it.

    I was recently in a clients home that had purchased honeycombs from a big box store and after 6 months they had a few that where going thru cell seperation. (not HD) They are still trying to get some one to fix their problem. If these blinds would have been purchased from me they would have been picked up fixed and rehung in about 10 days.

    The old saying is true you get what you pay for, if you buy crap in order to save a buck……. and if you have to buy blinds twice it gets to be pretty expensive.


      • Posted by big John on August 8, 2010 at 11:20 am

        If i had a dollar for evey time a new perspective client told me that they where told by a designer from another company that its just like Hunter Douglas i would have retired 10 years ago.

        A few months ago i gave a $25,000 quote for a house full of shutters, the client called me up a week latter saying she a received a quote from another company for $1200 less than my quote.
        My first question was what brand where they quoteing? she replyed norman Woodlore. I quickly informed her that know where on my quote will she find the word norman. (i was quoteing Newstyle)
        she also was not informed by the designer that they where made in China, but the designer told her she would have them in 3 weeks (Lie) I told my client to get it in writeing that they would be installed in 3 weeks or she would get her money back, needless to say the designer refused………and i got the job! If they where just like HD they would be HD.

  4. Posted by Tom Hubertus on August 8, 2010 at 10:29 am

    As a sales professional for Flooring America I couldn’t be more excited about Hunter Douglas’ desision. I can’t count how many times my prospects used me to show the product only to then order on the internet. I also repair blinds so I have made it my policy to have to pricer lists for repairs. One for shades purchased from me or a local competitor and a higher price for blinds purchased on the internet. I am quite up front about this and msot people respect this policy but not all. Thank you Hunter Douglas


    • Tom,
      It’s really horrible that people have you show them the product and then order elsewhere. That kind of rudeness happens throughout our society in all areas of retail and it’s really a bad sign for our manners and the direction our country is headed in. It’s certainly not something I have done. Your two tiered repair list is kind of funny. While I understand your reason for it, it would make me not want to do business with you in the future. So I would probably have you repair my blinds and pay the higher price, but the next time I needed blinds, I would call another dealer. Just being honest about what my reaction would be.


      • The consumer doesn’t know that there is different pricing for repairs. I ask them if they are my customer and if they respond “No” then I give them a price based on the fact that they are not my client. When a customer buys their products from me, I provide free repairs if under warranty.

  5. Thanks to everyone for the interesting discussion. I do think that you and Hunter Douglas may be missing an obvious problem with this move. I am in my mid thirties and have lots of friends younger than myself. It is absolutely my first instinct to check the web for pretty much anything that I need. And that goes even more so for those younger than myself. It seems that you all have a web presence and that’s great. But if I can get what I need by placing an order on the computer and not making any appointments or having to be here at a certain time – then that’s the best option. And I think you will find that to be true as the age gap between you and your customers widens.

    Blinds in particular, are I think a great example of something that usually doesn’t require professional help. I do not feel that way about shutters or custom drapes.

    BTW My teenage niece says she and her friends only check their email once a week. It takes too long. They text and Facebook instead. I am appalled by this and feel old. 🙂


  6. Posted by chris on August 8, 2010 at 9:25 pm

    I can’t get over these people who think that blind/shade installation is a “nothing”. Measure your own window wrong once and you have now paid for pretty much a whole house worth of installation if it is a Hunter Douglas product. I think it is a wise idea from H.D. and I applaud it LOUDLY! For this last one, would you (or your other under thirties) purchase a Thermador, Wolf, or Viking range online? Likely not right? Will you buy a 87 3/8 X 91 7/8 I.B. control right w/easyrise Pirouette online worth maybe $1500.00?(or even know what that means?) If you answer yes to that-fine. We professionals in this trade likely don’t want your business anyway! If you don’t have an answer, please think about it before making a purchase.


    • Dude, calm down.


      • Posted by a professional dealer on August 10, 2010 at 8:31 am

        40days of, you are an ignorant consumer looking to save a buck. You don’t appreciate what a professional dealer can do for you. If I were the dealer in your area, I would charge you triple! What does your oh so handy husband do for a living? Undoubtedly, he’s a pencil pusher that thinks he knows how to do blinds! I’m sure that you don’t have a job and have nothing better to do than to sit around and call for estimates and waste everyone’s time. You make me sick.

      • Understandably, being a professional dealer, you are pretty sure that you’re awesome. No doubt you are. But let’s table the discussion of your awesomeness (and good manners) for the moment. Some consumers really do know what they want. Or at least they think they know what they want. Which, frankly, is good enough. It’s their house. Maybe they are deluded stupid consumers and your presence would bequeath upon them good breath, a love of puppies and perpetual enlightenment. Or maybe you would assault them with bad taste and a worse personality. These things are difficult to predict. But the point is, those who are deluded enough to think that they know what they want would, shockingly, rather pay less for what they think they want than pay more for what you want to give them. Maybe a thought experiment would help you get through this. When you buy a new car do you go to several car lots to compare prices, perhaps subscribe to consumer reports to get additional information regarding invoice price and then purchase the car using your own judgement, tastes and knowledge? Why would you behave like such an ignorant consumer? Surely the expertise needed to understand cars, the many choices available, the consequences (and value associated with) the several different options, all call for an expert opinion? Being a professional dealer, you understand this. Which is why am I certain you hire a professional car buyer to purchase your autos. The reasoning (if we can call it that) of the ignorant stupid heads out there who don’t hire a professional car buyer is two fold. First, they are cost conscious. Given the choice to pay two prices for the same product, one which is more and one which is less, they choose the price that is less. Coz they’re crazy I guess. Second, they judge the imperfect information they are able to gather regarding the purchase is good enough. Good enough, at least, for them to be happy about the purchase. They may be deluded in this happiness, but they are happy nevertheless. Transactions in a free marketplace are as dependent (maybe more so) on perceived value as they are on real value; therefore, while a professional buyer could in fact bring additional objectively valuable information to the transaction, that information is not perceived by consumers to be valuable. That’s why “professional car buyer” is not a career you should encourage your kids to go into. So to with blinds. As unhappy as you may be about the truth of the matter (here I am giving you expert, valuable advice, free of charge), measuring, ordering and installing blinds, is not a very difficult task. That’s why the online market has taken off the way it has. Are consumers losing something in the transaction (e.g., information regarding other product lines, other manufacturers of the same product desired, the experience and tastes of the professional dealer, exposure to the fashionable and sought after Priouette window shadings with Easyrise cord loop (but if you were only exposed to their control of light, understated luxury and elegant style you would KNOW that you could NEVER AGAIN be happy with blinds made of mere wood), etc.)? Yes. Without question. But those consumers aren’t willing to pay for those extras. That you think they should be forced to is odd.


        The pencil pusher and amateur wood blind, roman shade, curtain, curtain rod and woven wood blind (but, alas, not Pirouette) installer

  7. Posted by Browns Custom on August 9, 2010 at 12:33 am

    The thing about window coverings unless the customer is a DIY , they will need some level of service which involves more then ordering online . Like John said you can’t sell it over the phone but I will tell you that our initial phone contact with potential clients is where we set our hooks .

    A professional can save on costly errors by using the correct treatments for the right applications that fit properly .The free lifetime guarantee and never having to charge a client to ship a shade for warranty work like Graber and many many other smaller companies pretty much helps sell the HD products .

    Above all , The DIYer is not really our customer to begin with as a rule not sure about you all .

    I am skeptical that HD would just give it up but , it will only serve to strengthen the existing dealer base if it is really to be .
    Who feels wronged by this move and why ?


    • I guess maybe I felt a little wronged, since I still needed the product and couldn’t get it where I had been getting it. As I’ve stated before, I have called a professional dealer and will most likely have him do it. It’s not the end of the world, but it’s possible that I won’t buy HD in the future.

      As an added bonus, I won’t have to hear all of the husband’s cussing during installation. 🙂


      • Posted by a professional dealer on August 10, 2010 at 11:43 pm

        FYI, car buying is very simple for me. I buy the best – Mercedes Benz (and I don’t shop it to death either – don’t need to, I pay a fair price for a quality product purchased from a PROFESSIONAL dealer). I know that this is not your point but I must be doing “something right” to be able to purchase a $65K car for cash in one of the worst economic times in history. I’m sorry that you think that being a window covering dealer is “not a very difficult task”, but I would say to accomplish over $1,000,000 in sales annually at a 50% profit margin in a business run by just two of us and be in the top 5% of independent Hunter Douglas dealers in the country is somewhat of an accomplishment. I love the fact that Hunter Douglas made this decision. When you say that you will most likely not purchase Hunter Douglas window coverings in the future that’s too bad for you. You would rather purchase the VW than the Mercedes….that about sums it up. Would you think that it would be ok for Mercedes Benz to offer their vehicles for purchase online, shipped directly to your door? How would you ever test drive it and know that it’s the vehicle you want to purchase. Oh….I know how – you would go to the Mercedes dealer in your town, test drive the vehicle, waste the dealers time with all of your questions and then go back home and order up your vehicle online. That makes perfect sense! I’m guessing that you wouldn’t buy a Mercedes anyway but who knows. So, the fact that I have a complete showroom that has cost thousands of dollars to build out where my clients can walk in and see and operate all of the different products available, the fact that I am constantly educating myself on all of the products that are available, the fact that my husband has been a finish carpenter for over 30 years and that he has all certifications available on a professional installer and master installer level…….is “not a very difficult task”. Right on! While you save pennies and push your pencil – I will be enjoying my life and my career. And by the way – I have a masters degree. Hmmmmm, and I do blinds! Wow.

      • Seek help and possibly medication immediately!

      • Posted by Browns Custom on August 11, 2010 at 12:53 am

        Just out of curiousity , how do you handle any repairs or re strings or warranty needs on the
        HD products you puchase online ? Do they give you a local dealer for repairs or ,,,, have you
        never had any problems with these HD products ?
        My thought is when you need service ,
        and you will eventually unless you trade homes and window coverings more often then average , u You will find the sweetness of a lower price will be unimportant to the prompt and professional service you will need and deserve .
        Call a HD dealer tell them you want to install the products yourself for a maximum savings , you may be surprised , someone may cut you a DIYer deal .
        BTW just for clarification some mention of voiding warranty for installation by other then ?
        faulty installation that leads to product failure is never covered by a warranty regardless of who installed it . Who can site HD verbiage that states the warranty will be void if not professionally installed ?
        I have never seen those words in HD literature , some certification for installers is valid but not to say an installer must be certified to install HD products for you .
        good luck

      • The truth is that we have not run into this problem yet. I only began purchasing HD products within the last 18 months. And you may be correct, that eventually I could be sorry that I don’t have a local dealer. Except I do now because I need HD, so I’m using a local guy. See this:

        Also, I should add that when I first became a homeowner 10 years ago, I had shutters installed by a pro, ordered fabric roman shades from Smith & Noble which the husband installed and wood blinds from No Brainer Blinds (now that the husband also installed. The wood blinds were from their brand. And in the 8 years we had them, no problems. So, when we bought this house two years ago which is quite a bit nicer, I immediately went to again. And I bought HD because I figured a nicer house deserved more expensive blinds and they had the best color match for my wood work. It honestly never occurred to me that I should call someone or go to a store. Which I guess relates back to my point about whether this is a good move for HD in general. Because there must be a lot of people like me, that it just wouldn’t occur to them. So they’ll just buy other brands that are available on the internet.

        Nothing came with any of my HD products that said anything about our installation voiding the warranty. But it would be interesting to know if maybe they will start doing that now.

  8. Posted by Blinds by Kim on August 9, 2010 at 7:11 am

    I’m sorry you feel this way. I don’t know where you live, however, I have my own business in the Dallas/Ft Worth area and offer in home consultations at no charge. I offer installation, however if you want to do your own on some products you can, otherwise it can effect the warranty. So I don’t know why you can’t find a local blind company in your area you can order through. I’m sure there are companies like mine all over the country. By Hunter Douglas not offering blinds on the internet, this should help the entrepreneurs in the blind business.


    • If you want to sell blinds and shutters you must use the web. Hunter Douglas decision not to sell product on the web DOESN’T mean they won’t use the web to develop leads. I’m guessing they are developing more Web Lead Systems for their dealers right now and I’m sure they will be very good. I know we have and it is working beautiful.


      • Steve,
        You have some very good points. And I think the leads thing is true because the guy I have coming today got his lead from the web.

    • Kim,
      I’m not opposed to using a professional and as I have stated above, I would for certain things. But wood blinds aren’t one of those things, as I have a handy husband and we’re very careful when measuring. That being said, I’m having someone come out to give me a quote today on the HD blinds that I need for my doors. I didn’t know about you when I set the appointment. Thanks for letting me know. I’ll keep your name in my file since you are in my area.


      • I have been in the window covering business for 25 years and I know that even if you measure correctly and install correctly that you could have issues with defects in material and mechanical issues in transit. Many blind manufacturers do not offer a warranty unless they are professionally measured and installed because the consumer could damage the blind during installation. I offer free measurement and free installation with purchase to ensure that my clients aren’t tempted to install the products.

  9. Posted by Jesse on August 9, 2010 at 1:41 pm

    Oh my goodness Nichole – I couldn’t stop laughing at some of these! I honestly thought these were all joke responses at first! You and your inflammatory blog 🙂


  10. Posted by big John on August 9, 2010 at 6:54 pm


    Your installers are working for free? how do they support their famlies and pay their bills?

    When you said you offer free installation did you mean to say you mark up each blind $15 dollars and then tell your clients that you do free installation? We run 4 full time installers my lead installer made $72K last year. I can’t see him doing it for free.


  11. Posted by big John on August 9, 2010 at 9:08 pm

    That is awsome but to be brutally honest ……between maintnance ,wear and tear, gas, etc. etc. and since your doing the install for free i don;t think you can write it off on your taxes as a business expense (or can you?) how does it pay for it self?

    I average 30,000 + miles a year on my vehicle,our markup is 35% it seems to me you would have to mark up the product considerably yo help cover the expense. Just curious……


  12. Posted by Suzanne on August 10, 2010 at 1:43 am

    I am a professional interior designer & I have been a Hunter Douglas Priority dealer for over 21 years now. I offer my clients service that you can’t get on the phone or by internet. I guarantee my measurements & provide installation at a cost per blind. I have to pay for all my samples, advertise, (very costly) & attend HD programs etc to keep up to date on all the offerings. I also pay to participate in all the rebate programs offered by HD. I do NOT charge for measure & selection time like I would for other design services. I don’t know why a customer would NOT want to have all the expertise I can offer about all the lift systems and all the wonderful options an internet purchase will never let you know about. How do you know that you just want cellular shades or mini blinds when you might REALLY have wanted a Pirouette or other if had just know about them.

    I have had to keep my margins so low to compete with cut/rate sellers that at times I wonder why I offer this as part of my interior designer business. I believe we should be compensated fairly for all the effort it takes to service a customer. I get calls all the time wanting help to get something fixed. They never seem to know who they bought from and then expect me to service them. I think HD made a good decision if they want to keep having well trained salespeople in the field who will want to continue selling HD. products. I for one will be happy to assist clients locally who now can not purchase online. I will continue to be fair in my pricing & will service my clients in a way they will never get online.


  13. Dittto-Great blog! Especially (40daysof) eloquent enervation of (Big John)’s hypothesis – to charge installation in addition to product price is ridiculous in this market. We all know that the installation can be successfullly “wrapped” into the purchase. It’s no secret that consumers (some) are quite adept at information gathering and will “keep us on our toes”. I always welcome input, feedback, a challenge -makes us serious dealers EARN our money!

    “Cool in Hotlanta”


  14. I have been in this business for the past 25 years. We manage a retail showroom, local shop at home and a website. Our position is that we want to offer the consumer their choice of channel to purchase their blinds from. There are some consumers that do not want to go to a retail store or have a stranger coming into their home and that is why we started our website. We are a country about choice and the freedom of choice. Taking away a consumer’s choice is never a good thing for the consumer or our country – restraining and restricting trade only increases prices to consumers. With respect to what level of service a customer is going to receive depends on the individual company that they are dealing with and not necessarily the channel they buy from. There are plenty of shop at home companies, internet companies and local retailers that do a terrible job in servicing their customers. By eliminating the internet channel does not necessarily ensure that the consumer is going to have a better experience purchasing Hunter Douglas products.

    In today’s age when the industry has a customer that is interested in making a purchase and is a hot lead – we ought to be able to provide them with any channel that they are interested in purchasing that product from and not continue to place hurdles in front of them. The wallcovering industry has done this for years (i.e. restraining what channels the consumer can purchase its products from, coding books so consumers could not compare prices, etc…) and as a result over the past 10 years Industry Wide wallcovering sales have shrunk by 60% to 70%. Our experience is that consumers are extremely upset about Hunter Douglas’ decision to not sell through internet companies – my personal opinion is that this policy works against Hunter Douglas in that customers that come to our website come to us for a reason – and in most cases it is not just about the lowest price it is about convenience – the ease of shopping from their home without any high pressure salespeople – when we tell them that they cannot get Hunter Douglas on-line the majority of them are enraged that Hunter Douglas would have such a policy and the majority of them purchase an alternative product – you can be assured that they are not getting in their car and driving to a local retailer or calling and inviting a stranger into their home – again, they called our website for a reason and they are not going to compromise – and when they call in most of the cases they are ready to buy now and do not want to wait any longer to make their purchase. Even though we are not losing the sale it is upsetting that we cannot sell them exactly what they want.

    Steve Katzman –


  15. Wow – until your recent post I hadn’t realized how the shade discussion had devolved! And I’m still SO shocked that people feel the need to be mean over a company I’ve never heard of, and a product that I think few people actually care about.


  16. Posted by big John on August 10, 2010 at 4:28 pm

    My day has come to an end, i ran 5 appointments and sold three. But i was corious about all this internet talk.

    So i asked each of my clients today if at any time had they considered buying blinds from someone off the internet? and each one said… no…. they would not purchase blinds thru a internet service. So i pushed the envelope a little further and said even if it meant you could save a little bit of your hard earned money and they still said no.

    I was told by 3 clients that there are some things they would be willing to take a chance on by buying over the internet but window coverings was not one of them

    I guess you just get a feel for people when there in your home. Maybe its a gut feeling or maybe its that eye to eye contact…….. People buy from me because they like me…….. who knows.

    Whats done is done now all we can do is wait and see.

    For the record i still say it’s a good thing what HD has done.


  17. Hi Nicole,

    I think I owe you an apology. I run a window covering related forum called Last week I posted a link to your blog using a link to track the click throughs from my site to yours. Here are the results;

    It looks like about 1100 folks clicked on your site using the link I posted in the email digest I send out almost daily to 3500 window covering professionals.

    I’m very sorry for all the attention you received.

    Rory McNeil


    • Rory, It’s totally fine. No apology needed. My husband and I have been laughing about it. I always think the more traffic and comments the better. And I didn’t know anyone in your industry, so it was nice to get that point of view. Thanks for solving the mystery of what happened. I have a large 15 year old house in need of window treatments, so I’m sure I’ll be posting more in the future.

      Best, Nichole


  18. […] projects. If you are wondering why the heck I’m writing about wood blinds, click here and […]


  19. HD pulled their online business with the HD name on it because it wasn’t fair that the online consumer get an HD product for the same price as an authorized HD dealer wholesale price. Plus, HD online products sold through online blind companies was only making a fraction of what their gallery dealers were selling. Besides, HD owns so many other blind companies, they’re making plenty of money online with other brand name products they own while keeping their gallery dealers happy. They’re business people.


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