This Moment Has Been Two Years In The Making!

Ladies and gentlemen, it only took me two years to badger the husband into new counters in two out of the I’m too embarrassed to say the number bathrooms. Without further ado:

Look away! I'm ugly and naked!

Yes, even more ugly wallpaper was discover in my home today.

Okay, you can look, but don't stare! I may be pretty, but I'm still naked!

Goodbye shell shaped sink. Try saying that 3 times fast!

Hello lovely white quartz!

Hopefully over the next couple of weeks we can get the faucets hooked back up. I still have a lot to do before the green bathroom is finished: A new window treatment, new tub and shower fixture, touch up painting, framing artwork. I want to be done by mid Sept., but my absolute, last call deadline is Sept. 30. Wish me luck!

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