Things I Learned Last Weekend

The husband and I went “home” for a long weekend. Isn’t it funny that we’ve lived in Texas for over a decade, and we still call Nebraska home? Also, certain parts of Kansas feel like home. My dad lives in KC and well, KS looks a lot like NE.

It looks pretty, but...

Anyhoo, back to my life lessons from the weekend.

1. Little kids say the funniest things. Especially when they are in the bathroom stall next to yours, talking to their mom. Overheard Sunday at the AMC 24 at Berry Woods in Kansas City,
“Mommy, I can’t get this little poopy out! I just can’t do it!”
I did manage to hold onto my laughter until I got outside.

2. My in-laws are NOT going to Las Vegas. It’s a long story. Too difficult to fully explain. The husband and I have been under the impression that his parents were going to Vegas for their 40th wedding anniversary for the last three months. We have had countless conversations about how we might contribute to such a trip. All for naught! Giant misunderstanding! Thank God we didn’t purchase anything!

BTW – Happy Anniversary Norm & Marilee!

3. Getting old can really be an awful thing at a certain point, but it’s not all bad. My grandmother thinks I should be about 15. While I wouldn’t mind weighing what I weighed at 15 🙂 I wouldn’t want to be 15 again.
OMG – I just remembered that when I was 15 my best friend got this guy I barely knew to take me to homecoming. He stuffed himself at dinner and then spent a lot of time in the bathroom (ewww!) and he got a bloody nose later that night (and walked around with a bloody tissue hanging out of his nose). Good times. Like I said, don’t want to be 15 again.

4. Do not fly during the month of August. Because if you do, you will inevitably see sad children getting on the plane alone. They are going back home after visiting one of their parents. And you will see destroyed parents and step-parents standing in the airport looking like someone just died. It’s horrible and awful and I almost started crying as I waited to board my plane.

5. When you start thinking at the beginning of August that maybe you should have your air conditioner checked, do it. It sucks to come home from a trip, wanting to sleep in your own bed, and not be able to. It was 95 degrees on our second floor last night. Now before you feel too sorry for me, I should say that the air on the first floor is working just fine. So boohoo, we had to sleep in the guest room.

6. The Expendables is funny, but it’s not supposed to be. Dinner For Schmucks is funny, too. If you’ve seen Dinner For Schmucks and you thought they made up that crazy hobby, think again. People really do stuff and dress up dead mice. I don’t know who, but in the words of a crazy Texas blogger that I shouldn’t read (but I do), “No shit, y’all. This is for real.”

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  1. Posted by lou on August 17, 2010 at 10:08 am

    What a great memory…if it is the same Homecoming I am thinking of…and I am married to the guy I was with that night:) Thank goodness you found someone else! Also…funny things kids say…we were with a little girl last week dealing with some constipation issues. She was sitting on her dad’s lap during dinner when he picked her up to put her in her own chair, she resisted and did not want to move. Her reason: “I am comfortable with my poop.” Sorry I missed you last week!


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