There’s A Hole In My Bucket, Dear Liza, Dear Liza

Remember that song from grade school? Well, there isn’t a hole in my bucket. But there is a bucket on my roof.

Apparently some time between Labor Day and last Thursday, the same air conditioner that gave us trouble in August, decided to start dripping rusty water onto the roof above my porch. Unfortunately, I didn’t see what was happening until rust was on the siding and the roof. Ugh! Now we have an obnoxious blue bucket on our roof. Classy! And I think of that darn song all day long because I have to keep emptying the bucket!

To add a cherry on top of this annoying sundae, the window can only be opened by two people or I have to rig it. Because there are so many safety locks. The chick who built this house was apparently convinced that her boys were going to jump out of windows. I would be slightly more scornful, except I remember looking up and seeing my crazy cousin climbing out onto the roof when he was supposed to be napping. My Auntie V must have nerves of steel after raising three boys. 🙂

Also, the first repairman we had out will not call me back. So now I’ve switched AC repairmen. Everyone, please pray that we don’t need a new unit. Or there will be a hole in something – the husband’s wallet.

PS I totally missed it, but Monday’s post was my 100th blog post!

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  1. Maybe you can fix it yourself. All AC units ‘drip’. There is a pan that collects the water and a pipe to drain that water to somewhere. Sometimes that pipe (if you have one) can get clogged up, causing the pan to overflow. Unclog the pipe and the water drains where its intended to. Good luck and feel free to drup us a line if you have any questions, perhaps we can help us further.


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