Binswanger Glass Company Is Dead To Me

Look Ma, no clips!

The ugly picture above is of the mirror in the pink bathroom. We exposed one corner under the tacky old frame and found no clips. This is not what we wanted to see. I then came up with the genius idea to tape the entire mirror and hit it with a hammer. The reaction of friends and acquaintances to this idea was incredulousness and concern. We soon became convinced that if we attempted this feat, there would be the distinct possibility of receiving a Darwin Award.

So, I took my friend’s advice and called the company above on Tuesday. Explained my situation and that I was under a time constraint. I was promised a call back after being quoted a price. Here we are on Saturday – radio silence. Binswanger Glass is dead to me.

I then remembered that the same friend had introduced me to another glass guy who just replaced her windows. And I had his card. So I called him on Thursday. Told him my sad story. Was promised a call back. Nothing. Perry at Yet Another Glass Co., you are very close to being dead to me as well.

Of course, if either place calls me Monday morning and un-sticks that damn mirror, they will be back from the dead very quickly. But I’m a bit of a grudge holder, so I can’t promise that they’ll stay un-dead for very long. 😉

*****November 5th Edit***** Binswanger has redeemed themselves. Check out this post to see how it all played out.

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  1. Posted by Janie on September 25, 2010 at 3:11 pm

    On all the redo shows on HG tv, they put contact paper on the mirror and whack away. The sticky stuff protects you from flying shards and gives you a way to dispose of it with less mess.

    I would still wear protective clothing, shoes, goggles, and gloves though.

    Can’t imagine why someone wouldn’t come do this for you asap, as a way to get in good graces for future jobs. They must have more work than they can handle. Are you noticing a decline in customer relations?


    • You would think with all of the HGTV that I watch, that I would have seen that. Thanks for the encouragement!

      I am having some definite customer service problems. What’s really strange about it is that I get off of the phone and think how nice and friendly everyone is (I am as well) and then no call back. And the thing with the air conditioning guy was totally bizarre. When he was here in August doing a repair, we had a great conversation and even figured out that I know his mom. I’m totally baffled as to why he would blow me off. My new air conditioner guy actually trashed one of my bathrooms accidentally when he blew out the clogged line. I didn’t freak out at all and I helped clean up the mess. And I’m going to have that company replace the coil in the air conditioner. So it’s not like I’m difficult. It’s very frustrating to deal with such bad customer service! On a bright note, my plumber is awesome!


  2. Posted by Mcat on September 26, 2010 at 11:41 am

    what part of the country are you in- I may be able to help or to at least find out what we can or can’t do.


  3. […] read about the never ending saga here, here, and also here. But most importantly, you should read this post. ***Special Note*** I should have some good news to post on Friday or Saturday about a company […]


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