Here’s a riddle for ya!

What in the world could make Nichole excited to clean?

Ta Da!

A new vacuum!

I just got it today after doing some research on the Consumer Reports website over the weekend. I ordered from Best Vacuum out of Chicago. So far, I’ve been really impressed with their customer service. I placed my order on Saturday evening, and they called me on Sunday afternoon to let me know that I could get the next model up for the same price. This model (Miele Jazz) has the added features of an LED light and a HEPA filter. I really wanted the filter and thought who cares about the light. Let me tell you, the light is very cool and helps you see stuff you might have missed.

It matches my kitchen!

I’ve only done three spaces so far: carpet, wood and a rug. Really like it right now. I hope that continues. I have high standards. My (R.I.P.) Kenmore canister lasted 10 years. An added bonus with the Miele is that it’s quieter, which means that Mr. Darcy is not interested in it. I got to vacuum for the first time in nine years with out him chewing on a toy and charging the vacuum. It’s a miracle!

So I guess that’s two miracles today: me excited to clean and a calm Mr. Darcy. Who says Wednesdays aren’t exciting?

4 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Kristin on October 6, 2010 at 4:15 pm

    That’s what I’m hoping to get next time! I don’t think they’re making Kenmores like they used to. My new one had to be replaced after less than a year. At least they covered it under the warranty. Happy Cleaning!!!


  2. Posted by Your old friend Mary on October 6, 2010 at 7:06 pm

    Yes, it was 10 years old because I inherited your old vacuum around the time of my marriage, and I’ve been married a decade. Funny! When that old thing died 3 years later, I bought an Electrolux, which is still going strong, but I secretly lust after the Miele. Because that’s how I roll. (But I was really grateful for your hand-me-down when we were flat broke. Thanks for that heavy old monster.)


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