There’s nothing like kicking someone when they’re down. This morning I have managed to totally bitch out on the owner of a service repair company, who it turns out is having an awful day. Two guys call in sick and another went to the hospital after coming down off of a ladder wrong.

Yes, it’s totally unprofessional that they were over an hour late and never called to explain or apologize. Yes, it’s annoying that they don’t send their people out on jobs with maps. But was it necessary for me to send the guy an email complaining about these things and informing him that his company was having issues today and I would appreciate if those issues did not spill onto me? No. Of course, I didn’t know about all of his difficulties when I did that. I just knew that I was annoyed. I now know about his stuff and I’ve looked at the calendar and figured out that maybe I’m a bit clenchy for reasons other than their un-professionalism.

I have since apologized to him, both on the phone and by email, without the TMI that you lucky people are receiving. 😉 And I have vowed to un-clench and try to smile today. But if you have bad news or need to say something not so great to me, you might want to steer clear. I’m just sayin!

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