Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Please come down and do not fall! Ha ha! Sorry about the obnoxious rhyming. This post is about how to remove a mirror that is stuck to the wall. If you need a refresher, we’ve been trying to update our guest bathroom for what seems like a year. You can read about the never ending saga here, here, and also here. But most importantly, you should read this post.
***Special Note*** I should have some good news to post on Friday or Saturday about a company mentioned in the last post above. Stay tuned!

Here is what we did to get down that darn mirror:
1. Dress in pants, long sleeves, leather work gloves and safety goggles. We even put winter mufflers around our necks. Gotta protect the jugular! I have the funniest picture of us, American Gothic style in these get ups, but the husband does not wish to be seen on the interwebs. 😦 (It’s definitely going to be our Christmas card!)

2. Cover with sticky contact paper. I need to publicly thank Janie, who reads my blog for this idea. She left this suggestion in the comments section and I really appreciate it. Thanks Janie!

3. Hit the mirror with a hammer in an area that you wish to break off. Have a blade knife available to cut the contact paper as sections start to come off. Be VERY careful! I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of this, but it was all hands on deck. Edit from the husband: He thinks that the hammer may have been a bad idea. And that what really caused the mirror to come off was the pry bar he managed to squeeze behind it. This worked in our case because the adhesive was in several spots, but not all over.

4. I read an article on the internet that suggested wrapping the mirror pieces in newspaper and then throwing them away. Ours came down in two large pieces, so that wasn’t an option for us. If the same thing happens to you, you should probably contact your city’s waste management office and ask them what to do. Or maybe you should contact them about the mirror disposal no matter what.

5. Use the oldest blanket in the house to scoot/carry the large mirror pieces to the garage. Poor wedding registry comforter! 😦

Here is what we were left with:

I think the woman who built this house was obsessed with that wallpaper! I’ve found remnants of it in three rooms.

We did hang the new mirror, but I’m not ready to do the big reveal just yet. I will admit one thing right now, and I’m only going to say it once: I don’t love it. It’s better than what was there before, but… insert what I said above. 😉 Okay, I got that out. I’m not going whine about it or obsess about it. I’m just going to live with it.

Has anyone else done this project before? Has anyone else spent a lot of money on something and then had to deal with disappointment? Does everyone agree with me that the husband is being too uptight about our American Gothic portrait?

9 responses to this post.

  1. Mirror, mirror on the wall you are your mother after all…Love, Ken


  2. Posted by lou on November 4, 2010 at 9:45 am

    You must post THE picture! tell the husband to get over it:)


  3. Posted by Melanie Choma on November 4, 2010 at 11:31 am

    Your husband is always uptight about pictures. That’s probably my fault since I have soooooooooooo many of him that he never, ever, ever (did I say never?) wants displayed publicly! Love y’all!


  4. Ah, to want a mirror to come down. I’ve never been on that side of the mirror coming down issue.


  5. You and your husband are very brave souls indeed. I agree with your husband that using a hammer on a mirror is just asking for trouble, or 7 years of bad luck as the case may be. I personally had professionals remove the damaged mirror in my bathroom. I’d rather pay the money than look like a victim from Saw. 🙂


    • I agree with you about hiring someone. And if you read the post after this, or some of the others I linked to, you’ll see that I did try at one point. This is definitely not a project we will tackle again. The miracle of not getting a Darwin Award for this one, is the most we want to push our luck. 🙂


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