Binswanger Glass Has Risen From The Dead!

A very good thing has happened. When I originally posted about my disgust with the glass companies that had blown me off here, one of the commenters asked if he could do anything. It turns out that his name is Max P., and he works for Binswanger Glass. Unbeknownst to me, he sent an email to the Yahoo account attached to this blog almost immediately. But I have issues and I forget to check that account. So I didn’t see it until late last week. Anyhow, Max is very savvy, and has a Google alert set up for mentions of his company. I told him what office I had called and on Wednesday, the manager called me. Mike was very nice and ate a little crow.

Just this afternoon, Eddie came from their office and picked up the two big pieces of jagged glass hanging out in our garage. Free of charge!

I think this is a great example of customer service. We all know that no person is perfect. And since companies are run and staffed by people, they cannot be perfect either. What you do about it once you are aware of the problem, is what either puts you ahead of the crowd or at the back of the pack.

For some contrast, let’s look at the reaction of Perry at the other company that blew me off. I happen to know that Perry was made aware of the situation. His response was, “I lost the notebook with her information. Tell her to give me a call sometime.”. Uh, I don’t think so! While Perry is indeed a nice guy, I can safely say that I will NOT be giving him a call. The next time I need a glass company, I will be calling Mike at the Carrollton, Texas office of Binswanger Glass.

I want to point out that neither Max nor Mike offered to pick up the glass in exchange for me doing this post. They just wanted to fix the problem. But I think it’s only fair to tell the good as well as the bad. And this is definitely an instance of good.

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