New Pillows

I have a bunch of new pillows in my house. To be more correct, I have a bunch of new pillow covers. Some are from the ever dependable, Pottery Barn. The rest have been sewn for me by a nice lady that my friend, Julia Sugarbaker found.

While I like all of them, I am the most excited about this one:

I love it!

Close up of the pillow

Close up of the cording

I got the fabric from a designer who was having a remnant sale, Bryn Alexandra. I got the cording at Joann’s. I have to thank Julia Sugarbaker for suggesting that I look for trim. I’m not a big trim person and I really am not a fan of fringe in most instances. So I was very happy to find this cording.

A PB Cover and A Custom One

The Bird cover is from Pottery Barn and can be found here. I have two. The red and cream chain link pattern was made for me with fabric from Lewis And Sheron. It’s not on their site right now, but it’s called McKinley Hot Pepper. I am awaiting delivery of another yard of this fabric, so I can have cushions made for my bar stools. I like the bird pillows, but will probably switch them out when I get my next delivery from the seamstress.

Fabric that the seamstress has right now.

A Close Up of More Trim That I Actually Like

Another pillow in McKinley Hot Pepper

Do you switch out your pillows? If so, how often? I am really loving the amount of fabric choices I now have, simply because I know of someone who does good work. Unfortunately, she doesn’t do slip covers for furniture. Not that I blame her. It seems like a nightmare to me. πŸ™‚ So if anyone in the Dallas area is reading this and knows of someone who does custom slip covers, let me know. Thanks!

8 responses to this post.

  1. Nichole,

    This is so funny. Today I was looking to buy some pillows… I need to retire the ones in my living room! πŸ™‚ But I didn’t really find anyone that really got my attention.

    I love yours… The 1st one is so beautiful on your settee! All of them are very stylish and look fantastic with your furnishings. Good job, Nichole!


    Luciane at

    PS: I wish I knew how to switch out pillows too… πŸ™‚


  2. Isn’t it amazing how much difference a pillow can make…so pretty!!


  3. I love pillows! We certainly are hurting for some pretty ones too. Definitely on my to do list. Love all of yours, esp the big long one and the pink detailed ones.


  4. Oh, your pillows are all beautiful!


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