We flew.

We drove.

We ate.

We gave.

We played!

We got.

And most importantly, we prayed.

Thanks to all of our family and friends, we had a lovely Christmas.

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  1. Yes! We did ate! And I still am!!! Geeee… I really have to stop, right????

    And yes… I’m not just still eating, but I’m still praying and loving… It sounds like a book… LOL

    I love the last pic… how cute!

    Have a great week, Nic!


    Luciane at


  2. I agree with Luciane above that is the cutest dog I’ve ever seen!! We had a great time with you and Shane also Nic; I can still hear your laughter ringing in my head! Thanks for everything and Stewie says ‘hi’ and wants to be paid, maybe a ball, for having his picture on your blog. Love, Ken


    • I’ll have to come up with the appropriate treat for Stewie’s cuteness gracing my blog. Thanks for having us. We always have a great time.


  3. Posted by Janie P on January 3, 2011 at 11:55 am

    What a great post. And love that furry child. Reminds me of my first (of two Schnauzers). Thanks for sharing.


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