Conspiracy Theory Thursday

It’s theme week on the blog! Not!

1. Someone gave me a cold. I don’t know who did it, but I’m convinced it was for nefarious purposes.

2. The husband and Mr. Darcy are conspiring against my sleep. They are banding together to snore in concert. A very, very bad concert.

3. I am paranoid about the U.S. debt. Three out of the top five countries that we are the most in debt to are: China, Japan, and Brazil. Maybe everyone should be learning to speak Chinese or Japanese or Portuguese? Why are we in debt to countries with hard languages? What if I’m getting too old to easily learn a hard language? Hello U.S. Treasury! Could you please either stop spending money we don’t have or go into debt with a country whose language might be a bit easier?! How about Italian?

4. Mr. Bingley’s bladder knows exactly when I have gotten into a nice deep sleep (on the couch as a refugee from the snoring concert).

5. I think Fox is trying to kill Fringe. I mean they moved it to Friday night! Why do people even bring good shows to that network anymore? At least they made it longer than Firefly…

6. Number 5 makes me concerned for another favorite show set to start it’s new season: Justified on FX. Since Fox owns that network, I hope they don’t suddenly decide that they hate that show. It’s truly awesome. Fox is not.

7. Yesterday in the car, I flipped the radio between NPR and a talk radio station and they were both doing the same story. And I got a little excited for a minute because NPR’s story had audio from John Boehner and talk radio’s featured Pulosi. Exactly the opposite of what you would expect. For two seconds, I thought “Holy Cow! Middle ground!”. And then I realized that they both sounded like idiots. So, each network featured the party that they dislike sounding like a moron. Business as usual. Why do they tease me like that?

I think that’s enough for today. If I’ve freaked you out too badly, then please blame this on numbers 1 & 2. Whatever helps you sleep at night. 😉

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  1. Posted by Janie P on January 6, 2011 at 10:37 am

    Oh, bless your heart, a holiday cold! That is the pits! But let me help you with Mr. Darcy’s bladder issues. Call your vet, and ask for “Proin Drops”—they have worked wonders for Sissy (age l5.5 human years), and I am generally allowed to sleep through the night now. This can also be used for male dogs, and it comes in pills or drops—I prefer the drops and just put them on her food twice a day—can’t tell you how much better things are. I have no solution for the snoring, but understand completely–I leave the TV on all night to help mask the noise.
    And NObody better mess with “Justified”—LOVE LOVE LOVE it. So looking forward to the new season soon to begin. This is one show I will definitely buy the DVD of when it’s available. Funny, Sexy, and an Example of how I wish we could manage crime.

    Thanks for a great post today. Hope you feel better soon. Have you tried Arbonne? Even at this stage of your cold, it can help.

    Janie (you can refer to me as Dr. Jane today LOL)


    • Thanks Dr. Janie! I think I might have some Airborne squirreled away here somewhere, and I will definitely ask my vet about those drops. It might just be that our dog boarder keeps a vastly different schedule than we do, so he got off over the holidays. But who knows, he is old. 😦

      So glad to know the husband and I are not alone in our devotion to Justified. Have a great day!


  2. Man, and all that time I wasted learning Arabic! Seriously government, would it kill you to be in debt to Morocco? Then I’d have some job prospects!


  3. Um, thanks for the reasons to freak out. I think. I’ve got a cold too. Actually, I think mine is just ongoing sinus problems from the freakazoid weather we have. I don’t know the shows you speak of but I completely understand – Cashmere Mafia, Lipstick Jungle, What About Brian. UGH! Hadn’t thought about those in awhile. I’m just happy it’s Thursday.


    • Glad I could help in the freak out department! 😉 Get the first season of Justified from Netflix. I guarantee that even if you don’t love it, your husband will!


  4. Well, all I have to say is I speak Portuguese (since I’m from Brazil), so if you need any help… here I am! 😉

    Have a great day, Nichole!


    Luciane at


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