Amazon Giveaway Winner!

Okay people, cue up the Twilight Zone music. The winner is…
Stephanie P.

Stephanie won my last and only other giveaway as well. Congratulations, Stephanie! This is weird! I used, and you can go here to see if you were entered.

Just in case y’all are wondering: I don’t know Stephanie, except from her comments on this blog. She seems very nice. 🙂 I have emailed to ask if stuff like this happens a lot, but haven’t heard back from them. Maybe my little blog giveaways are a statistical anomaly?!

Have a great weekend! We’re off to the symphony tonight and really looking forward to it.

Early Saturday morning edit: I have heard from Dr. Mads Haahr, the inventor of He checked my drawing and said it was all correct. That there was about a 2% chance for Stephanie to win, and that she’s very lucky. Interesting stuff, and very cool that he got back to me so quickly!

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Stephanie on January 15, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    This is crazy! I’ve had a really lucky last year, so I think I need to go buy a lottery ticket while I’m still hot!

    Thanks so much!


  2. OMG! This is totally crazy! She;s right… she should buy a lottery ticket! LOL

    Am I jealous? yeah.. a little.. LOL

    Have a wonderful Saturday, Nic!


    Luciane at


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