Fat Tuesday Volume IV: Fashion Edition

My fellow (North) Americans, it’s Fat Tuesday again! Ha ha! Do you like how I worked today’s politics into my post? I would like to whine and rant about how much the State Of The Union speech (gag!) annoys me, but I will spare you.

How is everyone doing on their weight and exercise? I haven’t been on the scale this week. Frankly, I’m a little scared to get on since I’ve missed a few days on the elliptical. But I am not considering it a failure. I just need to keep going and not focus on the negative. On the plus side I have been lowering my intake of caffeine, and have only had to take Excedrin once.

Let’s talk about something more fun – CLOTHES! It has taken me a very long time to learn how to dress myself in a flattering manner. And as anyone who is overweight can tell you, the more extra weight you carry the harder it is. For several months now, I have been reading a blog about fashion called You Look Fab. You can also find it on my blogroll. It’s written by Angie, who is a personal shopper in the Seattle area. I really enjoy reading Angie’s posts, as they are very informative and thought provoking. And the people who comment are always willing to share information.

I know that a lot of people think that fashion is superficial. But I don’t agree. Yes, there are parts of it that can be. But dressing appropriately for occasions, for your body type, and in a manner that makes you feel confident and comfortable is not shallow. I am not an expert at this. I have gotten better as I have aged. Unfortunately, I meet a lot of people in all walks of life who don’t do this. They either don’t care about their clothing, or they are too influenced by what is in fashion and don’t pay attention to what looks well on them. Please don’t get me started on the modesty issue. It is especially horrible to see what some young girls wear, and to know that I had some of the same issues oh so many years ago. Ack!

Now before anyone gets super angry and incensed, lets get the money part out of the way. There are people who can’t afford to worry about their clothes. They are just happy to have food, shelter,clothing, etc… I get that and I am not advocating that they spend precious time and money on their wardrobe. The great thing about fashion right now is that you can buy cute stuff at all price levels. So anyone who is not destitute, has no excuse. Another great thing about fashion right now IMHO (in my humble opinion), is that there are so many styles that are in fashion. If you are like me and should not come within 10 feet of skinny jeans, it’s okay. Bootcut and even flared jeans are still in. Yes, boyfriend jackets are in (which are not the best on me), but so are fitted jackets that will show my waist.

Do some reading about what looks best on your shape, and take into account your height. Don’t let some store clerk talk you into something just because the outfit is cute on the mannequin. It needs to look great on you! I have fallen victim to this, and I have the hideous pictures to prove it! And no, I will not be posting said pictures. 🙂

Here are some things that I have found or heard of lately that might be good purchases:
1. Nearly all of Nordstrom’s store brand cashmere wraps and scarves are on sale now. I happen to own a couple and I love them. Really good prices right now at 50% off. I seem to always have a scarf on during the winter. Even in the house!

2. Jeans, jeans, oh the jeans! I wear jeans nearly every single day. Last year, Gap stopped making the fit that worked best on me called Essential Fit. I’ve had a very hard time finding a replacement. A nice lady named Steph who also reads You Look Fab, suggested that I try the Muse fit of the brand Joe’s Jeans.
Healleluja! They fit! I still have to have them shortened, but at least I won’t look like a plumber! If you don’t like to have “plumber’s butt”, here is the cheapest pair I could find. I know this is a lot to pay for jeans. Full price might make you hyperventilate. One last note about jeans. If you are having your jeans shortened and they are not trouser jeans, then have the seamstress cut off the the edge and reattach it. That way you don’t look like the “dork with the shortened jeans”.

3. I have had pretty good luck with dress pants from Banana Republic. I like the fact that BR and Gap have so many different lengths to choose from. Their Petite length is usually good for flats, and their short length is good for heels. They also have Regular and Tall. This is a pair that I am thinking of trying.
That one is the Sloane Fit and I usually buy the Jackson Fit, so we’ll see what happens. Does anyone who is reading this have any recommendations on khakis? I am forever trying to find a great pair of khakis that fits my short, pear shaped frame. No such luck, yet!

4. I have been trying to replace my lounge clothing and pajamas. I used to work at Gap Body and bought this stuff all the time. Then I quit working there. And I quit buying. The state of my stuff has gotten scary and ugly, people! I got some cute sweatshirts and pants in the Merona brand from Target that I like. But I can’t find them on their website. So far, they are holding up much better than the Old Navy stuff I bought. I also bought a couple of things from JJill. They are very nice, but it seems insane to me to spend so much money on sleep wear and lounge wear. Anyone have any good sources? Do they carry pajama pants for shorties? Since I brought up Gap Body, I will add that you should be fitted for a bra at least once a year. They do fittings with a regular bra on (not padded and not sport) and a t-shirt. Bra size changes all the time and having on the wrong size can effect your comfort and how your clothes fit.

5. Finally, here is my most favorite purchase this winter: Mine is actually a different color, but this was the only place I could still find it available. I wonder if I would have liked this color better? Mine is Forrest, and was the only color available where I got mine. This jacket is super comfortable, and a great weight for Texas winters or a good layering piece for colder climates. And it’s on sale!!!

Anything especially wonderful you have bought recently? Have you figured out how to dress to flatter your shape? Are you like me, and still stumble sometimes?

7 responses to this post.

  1. I never buy clothes according to what I like anymore. It is all about what covers the GUT! Seriously. Gut-coverage is my number one priority. I don’t really care how big my butt looks becuase I am not the one who has to look at it. But the belly – ugh – makes me sad!


    • Rachel, The appearance of the gut is when I knew things were really bad for me. I’ve always been curvy, but with a flat tummy. No more! I feel your pain. 🙂


  2. Posted by Janie P on January 25, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    My winters are colder than yours, but this may work for you too. I buy men’s flannel pajama bottoms and a cute color-cordinated henley (cottom) for my winter PJ’s, and find a great selection at Walmart. Did you realize men’s PJ’s come with pockets? I love them so much, I may never go back to women’s styles. In the summer, I buy the cottom bottoms, tie-string and elastic waist and cottom T-shirt. I usually have to hem the pants, but that’s an easy do and these are so nice, they last seasonS!


    • Thanks, Janie! That is a great suggestion. Yet another situation that makes my rejection of Grandma’s sewing lessons, look monumentally stupid! 🙂


  3. I love these great suggestions!


  4. Posted by Jesse on January 26, 2011 at 11:35 pm

    Have you looked at the 5 or 6 different styles of Target jeans? I’ve actually bought 2 pairs of one style in the short size and they are a perfect length (I’m just under 5’4″). And each style is cut to fit differently so I found one that was flattering. Yes, I am also addicted to the Target bins of undies – they hold up much better than VS and the most I’ve paid regular price is $4 a pair. So far I’ve been very pleased on the underwaist end. Now I just need to find a place with good tops!


    • Ok, I’m definitely going to have to check out jeans at Target. Do you usually shop at regular Target or Super Target? Also, your legs are way longer than mine, even though you’re not a ton taller. I hate you. 🙂

      PS So excited about your visit!!!


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