7 Quick Takes Frday

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1. I have almost always disdained coupons. Because I almost always forget to use them, and they create paper clutter, which I do not need any help with. My mail problems contribute to my paper issues quite adequately without help from coupons. After listening to a podcast about coupons and how to organize them along with reading this post at Young House Love about their savings, I am determined to try once again. I know some sites to check and I’m going to start taking the local paper. I know exactly what two folders I need to buy, and I am positive that I can be successful this time. Do you use coupons? Have any favorite sites you use to print coupons?

2. The Mechanic. My husband and I want to go see the new Jason Statham movie, which is a remake of a movie by the same name from the 70’s starring Charles Bronson. My husband was somewhat confused by my reaction to his suggestion that we watch the original on Netflix On Demand before heading to the theater. Charles Bronson may be a good actor, but Jason Statham he is not. I go to Jason Statham movies to see Jason Statham. Duh! Apparently, the husband was under the impression that I just love action movies. 🙂
PS Do not watch the weird movie Jason Statham did a few years ago where he has hair and is impotent. That’s just wrong! He was very believable and I thought it was going to be a “Jennifer Jason Leigh situation” for me. I can’t watch her in anything without remembering her icky character in Single White Female. Luckily, I have mostly been able to erase Mr. Statham’s performance in that creepy movie from my mind.

3. Penelope Trunk has written yet anotherinteresting and insightful post about Gen X. It’s about Volkswagen’s Super Bowl ad. You can find the ad here on You Tube. As is my custom, I am warning you once again not to read Penelope’s entire site unless you are prepared to know a lot about her life which is a bit distressing.

4. My little sister got engaged last weekend!!! Congratulations, Katie & Matt! We are very excited for you. May you have a blessed and happy engagement as you get ready for this wonderful sacrament!

5. It has always been assumed in our house that I would be useless in a crisis. This comes up a lot after the husband watches zombie movies. I am now used to being informed that in the event of a zombie apocalypse, I will be left behind. Guess who was the more together when awakened by fire alarms on Wed. morning. I’ll give you a hint, not the husband. He couldn’t wake up and he was C R A N K Y until about 4:00 PM. Honey, you might want to re-think your zombie strategy. I just might be an asset. 😉

6. I have been digging books by Julie Klassen recently. Blogger, Anna See, from An Inch Of Gray made the recommendation. I have thoroughly enjoyed the three I have read. If you like romance novels, but are trying to steer clear of anything too explicit, these might be for you. Can be found in the Christian Literature section at your bookstore. BTW, have you heard about all the financial trouble Borders is in? I’m really sad for them. I actually like shopping at Borders much better than the other one. Or even the big online kahuna. But the online kahuna is so convenient. And B&N is two minutes from my house. It doesn’t matter to me that Borders doesn’t have e-readers. I don’t use one!

7. Here is what we woke up to this morning:

I bet the people who came from up North to see the Super Bowl are not too amused by our unusual cold snap. I am praying for the promised temperatures in the 40’s starting tomorrow. Please! I’ve lived here for too long and I can’t handle this type of weather for extended periods anymore!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Holy cow that is a lot of snow. Sure hope the zombie apocalypse waits until it melts, otherwise you are going to have a hard time running it that! haha Have a good weekend.


    • Oh! That’s a good thought! Or maybe zombie’s hate snow, so it’s better to have it? Clearly, I’ve been cooped up in the house for too many days. 🙂


  2. Posted by andrea on February 4, 2011 at 9:51 am

    So funny! I have a client who is obsessed with zombies. She knows how to kill one, and I will ask her next time I see her for detailed instructions so you can have a leg up on the husband. Not kidding at all….every Halloween she gets really into it. She thinks the vampire craze is hysterical and probably a distraction created by zombies….this is exactly why I don’t blog, I would get in big trouble revealing all these stories!


  3. Posted by Amy B on February 4, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    Totally with you on the Jason Statham thing, though a little disappointed he got 2nd billing in your blog behind *coupons*. yuck. I don’t even allow those things in my house, except for baby formula savings. yuck.



  4. Am I really looking at a palm tree w/ snow on it????

    I have failed coupon 101. Failed. I hate that I know I’ll save a bunch if I use them, but I just can’t seem to make it happen. I have an iphone now and am wondering about some of the apps where you can upload your coupons on your phone??!


    • Yes, my neighbor’s palm trees look very sad.

      I have heard about putting coupons on your phone but have not done it or found a website that offers it. Apparently, I can put coupons directly onto my Kroger card. Except I lost my card a long time ago and just use my phone number. So I guess I need to look into that.

      As far as Julie Klassen goes: I have also read The Silent Governess and The Apothecary’s Daughter. I liked The Girl In The Gatehouse and The Silent Governess better than the other one. But they are all good. Have a great weekend, Anna!


  5. Oh! And yay to the Julie Klassen novels! What other ones did you read?


  6. Posted by Marcia on February 5, 2011 at 10:38 am

    I use coupons regularly now that I am not working. This is one of my recent bargains to show how valuable, yet time consuming coupons can be. The time consuming part is what kept me from using coupons when I worked outside the home.

    Here goes. Prilosec has a coupon that refunds $25 if you buy two boxes of 42. I see all the adds for Prilosec in the Sunday paper and see that Walgreens gives $5 per box “in store dollars”. I find an eight dollar coupon in the paper for two boxes of 42, Prilosec(omeprazole used for heart burn/reflux). So I purchased what normally cost $50.00, for $2.48 (including tax). I also took a quiz on line about heart burn and am going to receive 14 Prilosec free via the mail. Bottom line 98 days of Prilosec 20 mg for $2.48,if you don’t assign a dollar and cents value to your time and effort and deduct the $10, “in-store dollars”.


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