7 Quick Takes Friday

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1. It’s 7:30 AM on Friday morning and I’m still half asleep. I really have a lot to do today and I need to wake up. I wish I liked coffee and I wish I wasn’t trying to stay away from caffeine.

2. I had such a bad headache Wednesday evening that I thought I was going to throw up. And I felt kind of like I had a hang over for part of the day yesterday. I really feel bad for people who suffer from chronic migraines. I can’t imagine how they deal with it.

3. I find the current state of unrest in the world to be very upsetting. I’ve always thought the beginning of WWI to be very strange: an Austrian duke was assassinated (if I remember my history class correctly). But what was really going on? And were the other countries that eventually ended up getting pulled in thinking, “Huh?”? Were their citizens bewildered? And a year from now, will we be bewildered as well? I mean, we are already sticking our noses into everything, and not in a very productive way as far as I can tell. I certainly think we should speak out against human rights abuses (let’s save the debate about our credibility for… never – I can’t do justice to that topic), but what about the other stuff? What’s up with the president talking to Mubarak on the phone and then spilling his guts immediately in a press conference? And what does it mean when Secretary Clinton says she going to Geneva to discuss what to do about Libya, and all options are on the table? What the hell? This is not a GOP vs. Dems. complaint. We all know the other side would be acting nearly identically.

4. Clearly my negative thoughts are affecting me, since I immediately thought of plague when I saw an enormous grasshopper yesterday. I need to stop watching the news or reading the newspaper. The scary part is that I really haven’t watched that much. It’s not like I have cable news on 24/7. In fact, I quit watching it a couple of years ago. What do I eliminate next? Newspaper? NPR?

5. Here is something really fun: We are going to Hawaii this year! We’ve never been and are really looking forward to it. If anyone has stayed at a really great hotel on the island of Kauai, I would love to hear about it. That is one of the places we are going, and are having trouble figuring out where to stay.

PS Let’s hope that by the time we go, my Fat Tuesdays will be close to ending. 😉

6. Unfortunately for the state of Florida, we will be visiting there long before Hawaii. But I have decided that if they can handle wrinkly old people, they can handle me.

7. We have a very busy weekend coming up. And I am still a little foggy on what to fix for tonight’s dinner. If anyone has a great recipe for Manhattan Clam Chowder, please send it my way. Thanks!

4 responses to this post.

  1. How are you doing, Nichole?

    I hope you’re feeling better now from your migraine. I had some awful headache lately too. It’s so bad, huh?

    Hawaii sounds like a dream! You’re a lucky girl! 🙂

    I hope you have a fantastic weekend.


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com


  2. Posted by lou on February 25, 2011 at 9:22 am

    I’m jealous.


  3. Please don’t stop reading the paper!! I work for one & we’d all love to keep our jobs! Just skip the national news. That’s what I do! We’re planning a trip to Hawaii in a couple of years & I can’t wait!


  4. Hello Nic!

    Did you have a good weekend? I hope you did! 🙂

    I’m just dropping by to check on you.

    Have a blessed week, my friend!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

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