Time Wasted? Or Time Well Spent?

The wasting of time: this is a topic that comes up not infrequently with some of my friends. They happen to be of a certain mindset that is very productive. They also have children, which means they are much busier than I am. To them, the wasting of time is anathema. Also, they seem to consider many things that I enjoy to be a time waste. For example: Facebook or blogs. I am not actually on Facebook very often, but obviously, I have this blog. And I enjoy reading other blogs. Am I wasting my time? Possibly.

As I was discussing this topic with the husband, I acknowledged that it is possible that I don’t really possess the amount of time that I spend on the computer. I posted on my blog four times last week. Did I really have the time to spare to do that? If you took a tour of my house right now, you would answer that question with a resounding “No!”. And I’m not being one of those perfectionists, whose house is really not that bad. The kitchen is destroyed, but less so that it was two days ago. And the clothing situation in the master bedroom has gotten so bad that I am tempted to stuff most of what I own into black garbage bags and donate it. (The husband is hyperventilating while reading this!) So, why do I do it? I’m not entirely sure. I think it’s because I get something out of this sharing and reading about other people’s lives and projects. But maybe I’m just fooling myself and the answer is as simple as plain old narcissism. I hope not, but I am realistic enough to know that it’s a possibility.

While I respect my friends’ opinions and I’m not in any way offended by them, I think that right now, I disagree. This is not a waste of my time, because I get something out of it. I’m sure that if I had a child to raise, my opinion might change about this. Certainly, this blog would move quite far down on the priority list. And maybe it needs to anyway. After all, it’s my job to keep this house looking presentable. And if I worked for someone who didn’t get fringe benefits, I would be fired by now. πŸ˜‰

Is time wasting something you talk about with friends and family? In relation to blogging or to life in general? Where do you come down on the issue? Is all wasting of time bad? Or is it good sometimes as a form of relaxation? Is blogging a waste of time? Is Facebook? Enquiring minds want to know!

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  1. Posted by Natalie Huppenthal on February 28, 2011 at 6:29 pm

    I love reading your blogs, and the pictures you share. I facebook not that often, the five minutes it takes me to post something is really not that much out of a 24hr day…. I have a husband and two boys and they keep me very busy however, I too need some me time and if it is not taking away from family time, chores that are never ending, work, or costing my husband money I am going to keep doing it!! I hope you keep your blog going I know people like reading it as much as I do.. Reading your blogs makes me feel like you are just down the street.

    I have learned a lot reading your blogs, I have started to use coupons and print new ones out everyday, yesterday I saved $76.00 at Meijers the most I have saved to date. I only bought things that I really needed, I was very excited.

    Starting Ash Wednesday I am going to start a fitness program, for Lent this year I want to be be healthy. I am giving up junk!


    • Thanks, Natalie! It would be so much fun if we really were just down the street again. πŸ™‚

      Congratulations on the couponing! I’ve been keeping it up as well, but nothing as astounding as $76.00 at one store. Good luck with your Lenten sacrifice. I know you can do it!


  2. Posted by lou on February 28, 2011 at 7:21 pm

    I am related (by marriage) to a whole group of people that can not sit still and it drives me nuts. I am a firm believer in down time(not wasting time:) And I have 4 kids, 1 dog and 1 fish. Any time I can snag to do nothing (nap, read, fb/blog, chat with friends)I will! I try to counter this by setting small tasks or projects I have to complete before taking a break. I think you are doing just fine.


  3. Posted by Jen on February 28, 2011 at 9:00 pm

    Rumor has it that some bloggers make quite a bit of money solely by blogging. I guess that means you may need to spend more time blogging in order to get people to check back more frequently!


    • While I am delusional about many things, I do not have delusions of blogging grandeur. πŸ™‚ But it would be a great reason to spend more time on it. There are really only a few that I know of who make a great living from it. And Dooce or PW, I am not. But it’s cool that they are out there and successful.


  4. Posted by Janie P on February 28, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    You are not alone with these questions. When I first got my computer (6 years ago), I spent a lot of time watching a baby panda bear from birth to 2 years of age. There were snide comments from some friends and my sister about the amount of time I spent this way, but finally my 80+year old dad stated that I wasn’t any worse than him watching a golf game on TV, my sister being on something different on her computer all day, etc. So, don’t feel guilty and don’t let others make you regret doing what you are obviously enjoy. We all need some change of pace or recreation, and woe be to those that chose to throw stones. Do what you enjoy and you will make the time to catch up those house hold chores, or decide to handle them another way. And beware of people with children who comment on your pastimes. Jealous? Judgemental? Insecure in themselves? True friends don’t put you down.

    PS-you are doing better than I am on the weight loss. I think I lost 5-6 pounds, but then gained it back, and more. I’ve laid in a lot of fresh veggies and fruits. Trying again. I need to quit the cokes too, even one a day.



    • Thanks for your kind words, Janie. My friends have never made specific comments about my blog. But there are general conversations about the wasting of time, especially involving the computer. I really don’t think they mean to throw stones. They just can’t comprehend it, because those pursuits do not call to them in any way.

      Good luck on the weight loss. You can do it! I’ve been stuck in the same place for over two weeks now and am actually scared to get on the scale. πŸ™‚ I’ve been trying to add a fruit to my breakfast every morning, but this seems to have caused me to not eat fruit the rest of the day. I really like fruit and I am stunned that I am actually going to have to force myself to eat it. Clearly, my habits were not as good as I thought.


  5. Posted by Amy B. on March 1, 2011 at 9:11 am

    First off, “the husband” is a great boss and VERY tolerant. Trust me, I know! You’ve got nothing to worry about where he’s concerned. πŸ˜‰ Second, if we don’t all take some “down time” for ourselves, we’d go insane. I’m quite sure. I am now raising a child and I still manage to find at least 45 minutes every evening to watch one of the 95 recordings on my DVR! Right after I clean the kitchen, and/or fold a pile of clean laundry, and/or get something in my belly I try to call nourishment. My husband doesn’t understand why I watch some of the things I watch (he just doesn’t get Private Practice!), but he knows he better let me sit there, in silence, to watch or he’ll pay the price. I guess what I’m saying is, we all deserve some *me* time, no matter our other responsibilities/obligations. I’m sure your friends have something frivolous they like to do that some others of us might call a waste of time, but it’s their prerogative, as is the computer, blogging, facebook for you! Enjoy!! And again, thanks for sharing – your blog is one of my frivolities!


    • Amy, I don’t think any husbands get Private Practice. But, then I might be worried if ours did. πŸ™‚

      BTW – totally impressed that with working and baby you get to relax. I agree with you, we all need that. Thanks for your sweet comments.


  6. Nichole,

    I was preparing posts last Friday until 5 AM!!! I simply couldn’t come with any ideas and I was feeling tired of it all. Honestly. I felt like quitting. Thank God, my blog is bigger than it was a month ago, but I was getting tired, exhausted. I was feeling this was a waste of time, mind, etc. Saturday I woke up feeling differently, because I realized that I can’t stop it because I am not alone, I have so many great blog friends, like you, that come back everyday to see my posts, I have thousands of readers that I so appreciate, and I have an opinion I want to share. Maybe, it’s a waste of time for many people, because when you say “I blog”, it can sound like a bit immature to people that don’t really know how hard it can be at times. But I think that we should continue doing this, as long we want to, as long we’re happy doing it. If you need a break, take it. That’s how I’m feeling now.

    I’m glad you take the time to write your blog… I simply love it. So, if you are doubting, just remember this… we love knowing about you, listening to your crazy stories (like the rats) lol, because we also have those crazy stories, because we also have doubts… reading your blog is like having a “talk with a friend”. We all like that!

    Have a “Bellissimo” Day!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

    Post of the day: A Seaside House By Tim Clarke.


    • Luciane, I wondered what had you so frustrated. I am so glad you are feeling better. It’s so obvious that you spend a lot of time on your posts. They are really lovely. Hope your week is going better this week.



  7. I get this a lot from my friends with kids as well. They don’t come out & say it’s a time waster they just constantly say how they don’t have time. I believe you make time for what you want to do. I read lots of blogs & watch mindless tv. I enjoy it so to me it’s not wasting time!


  8. Posted by Sherry Brown on March 13, 2011 at 10:13 pm

    Nichole, I think that as educated people we have all been raised with “we have to be productive”! We believe that if we do ANYTHING that is not considered productive to us, we just feel guilty about whatever it is we are doing…whether it is blogging (which I happen to think is very good for mental health!), reading romance novels, watching tv, knitting, or laying in the grass watching the clouds! None of us have learned or been taught to just be – thus a nation of hypertensive overweight anxiety ridden productive crazed people! I don’t believe that God intended us to be that way but our society has come to expect it for what it considers success! Relax – let yourself enjoy what you do….others certainly do! God Bless You and your blogging!


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