What’s Goin On?

Hi! I haven’t posted to my blog in over a week, and I skipped Fat Tuesday. I’m having some issues here. Nothing too serious, but you know how everything that’s happening in your own life seems super important? Even when you intellectually know that it’s not, and that you should be thankful you don’t live somewhere else, like Japan or Libya? That’s what’s going on with me.

My oldest friend came to visit me last week and it was so much fun and just plain nice to have her here. Unfortunately, I started to come down with something while she was here. I have a horrible cough, and sound as if I have been smoking for 30 years. Mr. Darcy had some issues as well. Issues that caused me to start calling him “Squirty McGee”. Enough said.

I wanted to write a funny blog post instead of a whiny one, because I feel like I’ve been pretty complainy lately. But apparently, being sick for a week doesn’t give me much to blog about. No projects completed. No furniture bought. There is this one thing…

You know you have been married a long time when: you know what has happened just by your spouse saying one sentence. It just so happens that the husband and I had our 15 year wedding anniversary last week. Woo Hoo! Anyway, he calls me from work and says: “Hey, I met this really interesting guy today.” to which I reply: “#$*%! Seriously?! Not another investment guy! Do they just let anybody into your office building?!” And I was spot on, as the Brits would say. Of course it wasn’t just any old, staid mutual fund broker. That would be too nice. I would have even settled for an insurance guy. Or an insurance guy masquerading as an investment guy. But no, this was real nut job. Some guy selling a mutual fund with futures inside of it. Why don’t we just take the money up to that huge casino in Oklahoma and play craps or roulette? Seems about the same to me.

Does anyone else have this happen at their office or their spouse’s? I’m starting to think I need to go down there and put a barricade in front of his door. The scary part is that I don’t think they can get in to see him unless he gives permission. So, what I really need to do is make him a meaner person. But that doesn’t work well for our dynamic. He’s the nice one and I’m the mean one. 🙂 If I make him mean too, we’re really in trouble.

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  1. Hahaha. Spouses….don’t really cover all the bases in the nuptials do they?? Hahaha My hubby has a bit of a problem with cars. Can’t have one for more than two years, and most often looses interest in them within six months. In our early days he would just run out and buy another car…..without selling the one he was bored of!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! Funny how you over look the obvious when blinded by love. And yes, I have a HUGE no soliciting sign…..and the nut jobs still come in.


    • My blood ran cold when I read your comment! What I left out of my post was that he test drove a car on the way home the other day. And only told me about it after in a “by the way” kind of fashion. Ahhhh!!!!


  2. Posted by Janie Parsons on April 20, 2011 at 12:46 pm

    You may have the bronchitis that has been going around my part of the world, and Texas, for sure, as neighbor came home from winter spent there, and she has it too. If you sound like you’ve smoked for 30 years, get thyself to the doctor for antibiotics, and maybe even a little bit of steroids to try and keep it from staying with you at least three weeks. Me, I had gallbladder surgery and must have caught it during Dr. visits prior to surgery. I was fine before–but three days after surgery, came down with this cough. No tie to flu or a cold, just serious coughing—took two trips to regular GP and RX’s to get rid of it, along with losing almost three weeks of my time! So don’t wait, go get some help with the cough, or you could bruise or break your ribs!!! Did you know they even have a little pill now that will stop your coughing, if you don’t need antibiotics? Go to Dr. now, because you do not need Mr. Darcy and you so sick at the same time.



  3. Oh… you are NOT alone! I’ve been sick for 2 weeks! Not only me, but the 4 of us, with the same kind of cough. Our Easter? We spent the night at the hospital with my little daughter having an awfully high fever. She’s better today, thank God… but I get what you’re saying… trust me. You don’t have energy for anything and having to deal with other little problems don’t help in any way.

    Take it easy… take care of yourself… we can wait for a new post. We’re here for you and totally understand if you need to take a break. 🙂

    love to you!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com


  4. The desk looks great! Our dog has a huge bed for me to decorate around, too.


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