The Bailey Chair Is Here!

And Mr. Darcy HATES it! No we are not talking about lower case hate, but full on upper case HATE. Of course, it probably doesn’t help that his unhinged owner (yes, that would be me) was screaming at him, “Knock it off you stupid dog! I’m trying to keep you alive!”.

An optimistic, glass half full person would say that he’s smiling in the photo above. He’s not. He’s panting, and plotting his next escape attempt. I have to go do this all over again in about half an hour. Pray for me.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Amy B. on May 19, 2011 at 1:28 pm

    Tomorrow I’d like to see a video of you getting that big’ol dog into that thing. I mean, I hate to be entertained by what is clearly NOT a good time for either of you, but still . . .

    Good Luck! XOXO


  2. Please explain more about this thing. I’m intrigued!!!


    • Traci, He has to eat in the chair and then sit in it for 15-30 minutes after, so that his food will drop down into his stomach. Since his esophagus no longer works, it’s the best way to make sure the food doesn’t come back. He’s getting more used to it now. But he is still not thrilled. 🙂 (Don’t tell your hubs. It will not help in your quest for a dog! 😉 )


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