Hello! I’m 38years old, and I don’t really know how to swim. That’s right, I’m a wee bit scared of the water. But it’s not nearly as bad as when I flunked my lessons over 30 years ago. Or when I screamed my way through water babies (I’m told).

So in preparation for the big Hawaii trip, I started taking swim lessons today. My teacher says I did really well, but what is she going to say? You suck?! Yeah, right! I was feeling much more relaxed and confident by the end of the lesson. I consider that a win.

Speaking of swimming, there are some great posts up about swim suits right now. Check out the modern Mrs. Darcy and You Look Fab.

PS A big thank you to my friend, who is letting me use her backyard pool. Doing this without strangers staring at me is so great that I can’t come up with the perfect words to describe it. Thank you so much!!!

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  1. I love the circle of swimsuit love (or comisseration) we have going on here!

    Good luck with the swimming lessons. I think you’ve chosen your goal (Hawaii) well. I’m jealous of the friend with the pool–I’d like to practice my swimming because my freestyle is really ugly–but I don’t practice at the pool because I don’t want anyone (and I mean anyone) to see!


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