Rugs On Sale!

I’ve been liking this rug for quite a while, but I have no where to put it. 😦 It’s on sale right now along with the rest of the rug collection at West Elm. Two of the three rugs I have purchased since moving into this house have been from West Elm. The rug in my breakfast room is the the one I have had the longest. It has held up beautifully. Especially considering Mr. Darcy's illness. 20% off is a great deal, so check them out!

***No, they are not paying me. I just like their product.***

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  1. I LOVE West Elm! THere is one about an hour away from me in Charlotte and every time I go there I want to re-do my house!


  2. Hello, sweetie!

    How are you doing? I was just thinking about you today and decided to stop by to say “hello”. 🙂

    I love rugs! My husband always “bugs” me about that, because if I could I’d buy a new rug every month.

    Wishing a very blessed week, Nic!


    Luciane at


  3. I’m sure many of the readers of this blog want to furnish their homes a little bit differently, if so they may want to check out this site. They supply luxury hand made rugs and stair runners, all bespoke made. You won’t find this stuff just anywhere either. It is after all quite special.


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