Guest Post Over At Home Bunch Today

I have a little guest post up over at Home Bunch, so go check it out. My sweet friend Luciane writes a beautiful blog. She just had a baby boy, so she asked a few people to help out. It was so nice and brave of her to ask me. 😉 Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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  1. Hey sweetie,

    It’s a HUGE pleasure having you over! 😉

    Loved your “Cool or Fool”! It really made me laugh!

    Enjoy your weekend.


    Luciane at


  2. Fun to see your “Cool” over at Luciane’s.


  3. Posted by Anonymous on December 23, 2011 at 10:26 pm

    Just found your blog! So fun to catch up long distance. Larry and I were tired of being too pudgy to be fun, and we went with the Sonoma diet. 8 weeks later we are both 12 pounds lighter and loving it! So hang in there. Pick something you like and go with it. I picked Sonoma because it included a glass of wine (or two!) for dinner every night. Wish we were closer. Miss you all. Invited Dan for Christmas. We are loving getting to see him on weekends for golf. Take care! We sent you wine for Christmas. Hope you got it and are enjoying it!


    • So great to hear from you. Love the photos! I hadn’t heard of Sonoma, but will definitely look into it. Sadly, I need to lose more than you guys did. Let’s just say that the Dad and Larry of my youth would be yelling “slug!”. 😉 We got the wine. Thanks so much. Always a favorite gift. Merry Christmas!

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