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7 Quick Takes Friday

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1. I have had repair people at my house all week giving me bids: a handyman, a glass guy, a carpenter, a landscaper, a brick guy. Sometimes home maintenance seems never ending.

2. Mr. Darcy has not had a great week. BUT, as I write this, he has just eaten for the first time in two days!!! It’s insane how happy this has made us. 🙂

3. Still haven’t decided on the curtain fabric. Go here if you would like to weigh in. I’m having serious problems with indecision.

4. Jules over at Pancakes and French Fries is a really good writer. She wrote a very amusing post this week about women and our hair. Check it out here. I think it’s worth your time.

5. Our city elections are on Saturday. The mayoral race has turned a bit nasty. And there doesn’t seem to be a clearly good choice. This kind of stuff always makes me want to skip voting. But in the end, I usually vote. I feel too guilty, otherwise.

6. Mr. Bingley is being a pretty good sport about all of the extra time and attention given to Mr. Darcy. Except for the shorter walks and/or lack of walks. He has tried to take off on his own a few times. Pretty ornery for eleven years old. 😉

7. Energy. I am really feeling a lack of it these days. Anyone have any surefire foods or vitamins that they feel really help with energy levels? I know fruits and veggies, blah, blah, blah. But I’m looking for specifics here. I am taking a high quality multi-vitamin, vitamin D and fish oil. Suggestions, please!

Happy Friday!

7 Quick Takes Friday

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1. Happy April Fool’s Day and happy birthday to me! I’m not fooling about the birthday, but I might be about the happy part. 😉

2. I may have found a Bailey chair for Mr. Darcy (see previous post). It’s in the SF Bay area, so we’ll see if we can actually get it here.

3. Until I can find a chair, I have to feed him on the stairs with his food above him. Then I have to try and hold him in place for 15 minutes after he’s done. I’ve only made it 8 minutes so far. It’s hard!

4. I showed the husband a purse on Ebay last month that I wanted. He claims that he didn’t act fast enough and it sold to someone else. I keep thinking he’s joking, but he swears he didn’t get it. I’ve never seen another one, so that’s it for the purse. Oh well, it’s just a thing. Right? Right????

5. How are you doing on your Lenten sacrifice? I’m doing okay on mine, but not great. I’ve definitely slipped a few times. Mostly in the form of soda. It’s very difficult to stay awake during the day, when I am not sleeping through the night due to the sick dog. I really, really need to learn to like black coffee. I know I’ve said that I want to kick the caffeine habit, but that seems improbable and possibly dangerous at the moment.

6. My veterinarian just called while I was writing this. He told me on Tuesday that he would call me on Wednesday. He didn’t. I called him yesterday. He was off. When he called me this morning, he said “I’m returning your call”. And then there was this big pause, like a big unspoken “What do you want? “. I am very annoyed right now.

7. Our newest nephew and God-child is being Baptized this weekend. Happy un-heathen day to Michael Patrick!

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

PS I have to add this even though it’s technically No. 8: Our insurance agent just called my cell phone and left me a Happy Birthday message. It would be only a bit odd if I knew him, but I’ve never met the man. He just took over our agent’s accounts a couple of months ago. Does it mean that I am too cynical, that I think this is bizarre?

7 Quick Takes Friday

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1. I started out this week, hating both my grocery store and my bank. I know this is going to sound like a repeat, but I’m not talking about Wally World. I actually have a grocery store that is two minutes from my house. I realize that I am lucky and this is a great convenience. Therefore, I want to shop there and support it. But it’s sooooo painful!!! Long lines, ditzy teenage checkers, managers who should know better, but make the experience worse, and on and on and on. Bleck! I might as well go to Walwart. As for the bank – they are always nit picking my transactions. And I’m not a banking idiot. I actually worked in banks for eight years. Half of those as a teller. This same bank has also screwed up some pretty important transactions, like the wiring of money. I guess we’ll all know that I’ve had enough when I take the trouble to switch. What a hassle! What do you do when the businesses you do business with make you want to drink? Do you speak with a manager? Do you go higher? Do you give up and go elsewhere?

2. I watched The Proposal again this week. I hadn’t seen it since it’s theater run. I had forgotten how funny it is! I was laughing out loud at several points. And I had forgotten how much I liked the scenery and the house. It was actually filmed in Massachusetts, not Alaska. Julia at Hooked on Houses has a great post about the house here.

3. The Z Gallerie Jett Desk is here!

It’s very pretty and very big. I don’t think I could correctly visualize it until it was actually here. Also, the fact that it has to hold a giant nativity scene year round, is messing with my decorating mojo a little bit. Oh well, I’ll get over it. And hopefully, I can make it work.

4. We have caught one roof rat. Unbelievable! Two months in and only one rat has been caught. We still haven’t figured out how to plug the hole without breaking child labor laws. I think I’ve heard ads for a company that is supposed to specialize in finding and plugging the weak spots in your home, to keep unwanted visitors out. I think I’m going to have to call them, even though the husband doesn’t want me to because Terminix is catching them for free under our contract. Cheapo!

5. Did I mention that we have a leak? Look at the desk picture above, and you will see a shadow on the wall to the left. Yep, a leak. There is no room above that one, so we think it’s our 2&1/2 year old roof. Sometimes home ownership is a real ass kicker.

6. We are going to see Macbeth this weekend at Kitchen Dog Theater. If you live in the Dallas area, I can’t recommend them highly enough. This is our first year subscribing there, and we’ve been really impressed with each and every performance. This comes after years of subscribing to another local theater company for years that we were only ever lukewarm about and more recently, just disappointed. It didn’t help that the artistic director liked to insert high fives among the cast into every play he directed. It got so I was always checking their website to see if “High Five” was the director. And if so, a sense of dread would set in. Anyway, we really like KDT – not one high five this entire season. 😉

7. I am going to write this, even though it’s obnoxious – I told you so. If you read my 7 Quick Takes last week, then you know that I was concerned about us sticking our big nose into yet another country in the Middle East. And all of the rhetoric coming out of DC in past few days seems to be confirming my worst fears. With the exception of the Defense Secretary, who seems a bit more cautious than everyone else. I am not saying that there are not people in need. There are. But how much thinner can our military and our bankrupt country be stretched? I am very, very worried about our wonderful military people. I hope and pray that things in Libya take a turn for the better and don’t get worse.

On that happy note, have a great weekend. Even though I’ve never seen myself as a peacemonger, I will be praying for peace. And I hope (if you pray) you will, too.

7 Quick Takes Friday

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1. It’s 7:30 AM on Friday morning and I’m still half asleep. I really have a lot to do today and I need to wake up. I wish I liked coffee and I wish I wasn’t trying to stay away from caffeine.

2. I had such a bad headache Wednesday evening that I thought I was going to throw up. And I felt kind of like I had a hang over for part of the day yesterday. I really feel bad for people who suffer from chronic migraines. I can’t imagine how they deal with it.

3. I find the current state of unrest in the world to be very upsetting. I’ve always thought the beginning of WWI to be very strange: an Austrian duke was assassinated (if I remember my history class correctly). But what was really going on? And were the other countries that eventually ended up getting pulled in thinking, “Huh?”? Were their citizens bewildered? And a year from now, will we be bewildered as well? I mean, we are already sticking our noses into everything, and not in a very productive way as far as I can tell. I certainly think we should speak out against human rights abuses (let’s save the debate about our credibility for… never – I can’t do justice to that topic), but what about the other stuff? What’s up with the president talking to Mubarak on the phone and then spilling his guts immediately in a press conference? And what does it mean when Secretary Clinton says she going to Geneva to discuss what to do about Libya, and all options are on the table? What the hell? This is not a GOP vs. Dems. complaint. We all know the other side would be acting nearly identically.

4. Clearly my negative thoughts are affecting me, since I immediately thought of plague when I saw an enormous grasshopper yesterday. I need to stop watching the news or reading the newspaper. The scary part is that I really haven’t watched that much. It’s not like I have cable news on 24/7. In fact, I quit watching it a couple of years ago. What do I eliminate next? Newspaper? NPR?

5. Here is something really fun: We are going to Hawaii this year! We’ve never been and are really looking forward to it. If anyone has stayed at a really great hotel on the island of Kauai, I would love to hear about it. That is one of the places we are going, and are having trouble figuring out where to stay.

PS Let’s hope that by the time we go, my Fat Tuesdays will be close to ending. 😉

6. Unfortunately for the state of Florida, we will be visiting there long before Hawaii. But I have decided that if they can handle wrinkly old people, they can handle me.

7. We have a very busy weekend coming up. And I am still a little foggy on what to fix for tonight’s dinner. If anyone has a great recipe for Manhattan Clam Chowder, please send it my way. Thanks!

7 Quick Takes Frday

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1. I have almost always disdained coupons. Because I almost always forget to use them, and they create paper clutter, which I do not need any help with. My mail problems contribute to my paper issues quite adequately without help from coupons. After listening to a podcast about coupons and how to organize them along with reading this post at Young House Love about their savings, I am determined to try once again. I know some sites to check and I’m going to start taking the local paper. I know exactly what two folders I need to buy, and I am positive that I can be successful this time. Do you use coupons? Have any favorite sites you use to print coupons?

2. The Mechanic. My husband and I want to go see the new Jason Statham movie, which is a remake of a movie by the same name from the 70’s starring Charles Bronson. My husband was somewhat confused by my reaction to his suggestion that we watch the original on Netflix On Demand before heading to the theater. Charles Bronson may be a good actor, but Jason Statham he is not. I go to Jason Statham movies to see Jason Statham. Duh! Apparently, the husband was under the impression that I just love action movies. 🙂
PS Do not watch the weird movie Jason Statham did a few years ago where he has hair and is impotent. That’s just wrong! He was very believable and I thought it was going to be a “Jennifer Jason Leigh situation” for me. I can’t watch her in anything without remembering her icky character in Single White Female. Luckily, I have mostly been able to erase Mr. Statham’s performance in that creepy movie from my mind.

3. Penelope Trunk has written yet anotherinteresting and insightful post about Gen X. It’s about Volkswagen’s Super Bowl ad. You can find the ad here on You Tube. As is my custom, I am warning you once again not to read Penelope’s entire site unless you are prepared to know a lot about her life which is a bit distressing.

4. My little sister got engaged last weekend!!! Congratulations, Katie & Matt! We are very excited for you. May you have a blessed and happy engagement as you get ready for this wonderful sacrament!

5. It has always been assumed in our house that I would be useless in a crisis. This comes up a lot after the husband watches zombie movies. I am now used to being informed that in the event of a zombie apocalypse, I will be left behind. Guess who was the more together when awakened by fire alarms on Wed. morning. I’ll give you a hint, not the husband. He couldn’t wake up and he was C R A N K Y until about 4:00 PM. Honey, you might want to re-think your zombie strategy. I just might be an asset. 😉

6. I have been digging books by Julie Klassen recently. Blogger, Anna See, from An Inch Of Gray made the recommendation. I have thoroughly enjoyed the three I have read. If you like romance novels, but are trying to steer clear of anything too explicit, these might be for you. Can be found in the Christian Literature section at your bookstore. BTW, have you heard about all the financial trouble Borders is in? I’m really sad for them. I actually like shopping at Borders much better than the other one. Or even the big online kahuna. But the online kahuna is so convenient. And B&N is two minutes from my house. It doesn’t matter to me that Borders doesn’t have e-readers. I don’t use one!

7. Here is what we woke up to this morning:

I bet the people who came from up North to see the Super Bowl are not too amused by our unusual cold snap. I am praying for the promised temperatures in the 40’s starting tomorrow. Please! I’ve lived here for too long and I can’t handle this type of weather for extended periods anymore!

Have a great weekend!

7 Quick Takes Friday

This post is linked up to 7 Quick Takes Friday at Conversion Diary.

1. I am still struggling with getting soda pop out of my life. The one day I went without, I had the worst headache I’ve had in a very long time. I’m going to have to figure out how to be tough and get through the caffeine withdrawal. Or (gag!) try to drink coffee.

2. The rat saga continues. We are going on almost two weeks with nothing caught in the traps. That’s also two weeks of us camping out in the blue guest room.

It doesn't look this tidy now!

3. Is anyone else watching Downton Abbey on Masterpiece Classic? I am loving it! It almost kills me that they show 90 minutes at a time. I could waste an entire day on it, if only they would let me see the whole thing at once! Back in the 1800’s, didn’t newspapers serialize novels? That would have put me in the nut house for sure!

4. A consequence of #2, is that I am uber paranoid in my house now. When vacuuming on Thursday, a large thing of gray lint got stuck coming out of a wall vent. I became convinced that it must be rat hair. I called the husband at work and said, “You need to come home now! And by the way, we’re moving!”. When he came home (at his regular time) and removed the vent from that wall, I was standing on the coffee table the entire time. It was just lint. I have issues.

5. Also as a consequence of #2, I have appointments with three contractors today. We have to fix the hole and all the places the rodents tried to chew their way in, but weren’t successful. This could possibly include changing all of the wood siding to fiber cement siding, so they can never chew on our house again. If anyone has any reviews of either Hardiplank or Nichiha, please leave it in the comments. Please!

6. Remember several weeks ago when I was whining about Rachel Perry going out of business? And how I needed to find a new moisturizer? Well, replacement found: Kimberly Sayer of London. It’s oil free, has SPF 25, and I had no breakout problems during the switch. I also purchased an eye serum and a night creme of the same brand. I’m really loving all three products. And my new dermatologist was impressed by the ingredients list when I showed her the lotion. You can find it on Amazon, but I got mine from this Texas company. I was trying to stay sort of local. 🙂

7. I’ve been wondering about writing about faith. I don’t write about my faith on my blog. I have mentioned it a few times. It’s not like it’s not important. It’s the most important. But I’ve never felt comfortable talking or writing about it. Especially, with people I don’t know. Do you write about your faith on your blog? This should be interesting since I’m linking up to a blog that’s almost entirely about faith. And a very well done one, too. I feel that I am better when writing most of the time about fun or funny things. My personality is such that I love to laugh, but I can be bitchy and condescending if I get into an argument about religion or politics. So I feel that it’s better for me personally, to leave those topics alone as far as the blog goes. There are people who write about those topics well. Jen at Conversion Diary is one of them. Are you? Or do you leave it alone?

Happy Friday! I get to play in a friendly poker game tonight. Really looking forward to it. What are you up to this weekend?