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Stylish Blogger Award

Last week, my sweet friend Luciane at Home Bunch gave me the Stylish Blogger Award. Thanks, Luciane! Please check out her site. She always posts such lovely homes and interiors.

Here are the rules:
#1) Thank & link back to the person who awarded you.
#2) Share 7 things about yourself.
#3) Award 10 great bloggers that you recently discovered.
#4) Contact those bloggers and tell them about the award.

Seven things about me (that you might not know):
1. I am the oldest of three. I have a brother and a sister.

2. I am very short, only 5’2″. But with two aunts under 5′ on my Dad’s side, I’m happy to have made it to 62″!

3. I have two yellow labrador retrievers. Their names are Mr. Bingley and Mr. Darcy.

4. I took dance lessons for many, many years. I wasn’t too bad, but toes shoes and I did not get along.

5. I met the husband when I was 19, and married at 23.

6. I sprained my ankle at my Dad’s house, on a dark stairwell over Christmas vacation. Scared the hell out of myself, the husband, and my father. My ankle still looks fat.

7. The husband is currently carrying a long wooden pole around the house the he refers to as his “rat fighting stick”. Sometimes he looks like a shepherd with a staff and other times he has delusions of ninja-hood. I have been informed that I may use the stick whenever he’s not home, and therefore doesn’t need it to protect himself. Whoever said, “Chivalry is dead”, may have been spying on us.

Here are the ten bloggers I’m passing this award along to (I may have cheated a bit, since they are not all “new” or “recent” discoveries for me.):

Annie at Bossy Color Blog for her color bossiness and her sense of humor.

Lori at In Pursuit of Martha Points for thinking of and then writing about the idea of cannonballing her cats across the neighborhood to sabotage her neighbor’s nemesis’ “perfect” house. So entertaining! Especially when “How To” sites link to her posts!

Mrs. Mama at All Astonishment for her beautiful photographs.

Kelly at High Street Market for her lovely blog and her lovely shop. And for taking checks in her lovely shop, so the husband doesn’t get alerted to my purchases by Paypal. Ha!

Averill at Odi et Amo for her great taste and exposing me to designers I have never heard of and a new color palette.

Benita at Chez Larsson for her mostly white, organized space and her crafty, inventive solutions.

Bryn at Bryn Alexandra for her lovely blog, her quick responses to email, and for the rabbit hole that is her blogroll.

Kyle at Knight Moves for sharing so many great ideas and resources on her site, and for living in my area, which makes the resources even better!

Jessi at Freshly A-Stoot for bravely chronicling the evolution of her newlywed abode.

Megan at Best of Fates for her Tweety Bird outfit and a hundred other wacky things.

Thanks again, Luciane! I’m off to try and nap, and not have nightmares (please, God!) about roof rats.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention it? We have roof rats…