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Fat Tuesday Volume XIV

Me & Mary Kate at the wedding.

So…as you can see from the photo above, I didn’t really achieve my goal of losing more weight by my sister’s wedding. Not only is Mary looking super cute in her junior bridesmaid dress, she is also standing in just the right place, to help me look better in the photo! 😉

I am frustrated, as is my trainer. I am working out hard every week. But this is just more proof that the food component is so important. Especially once you are over a certain age. I heard a very depressing report on NPR a couple of weeks ago. The gist of it was that once you are overweight by a significant amount you have really messed up your body. Therefore, not only will it be difficult to lose the weight. It will also be more difficult to maintain once you have lost it. The example they gave was that someone who is trying to maintain a weight of 200 lbs. after having been overweight will have to eat 500 calories a day less than someone trying to maintain that same weight, who has never been overweight. Ahhh!

While this news is very sobering, it doesn’t mean I’m giving up. I’m going to continue. And I’m going to eventually eat right all the time instead of just part of the time. The danger zone of Thanksgiving is right around the corner. The excitement I feel about the prospect of cornbread stuffing is probably not a good sign. How is everyone else doing with their health? What is your favorite Thanksgiving food?

Fat Tuesday Volume: I still don’t know!

So it’s still Fat Tuesday because I’m still fat. I would have hoped that after six months, I would be a lot closer to “a little chunky”, but my fat loves me and does not want to leave! Also, I have FINALLY come to the realization that I am going to have to sacrifice even more deeply for many more months if I’m ever going to be happy with my fitness. I think most of those deeper sacrifices will have to come in the form of food. While I am doing a lot better, I still really crave sweets and bread. I am mostly eating a primal diet. I am actually very happy with it. I just need to keep doing it, so that my tastes continue to change and I think my cravings will continue to dissipate.

The thing I have really noticed since starting to eat this way is that I hate grocery shopping a little less. It’s so much easier when you don’t even need to go down most of the aisles in the grocery store. I have stopped couponing for the most part. There are very few coupons available for most of what I buy. I do still check Target’s coupon site most of the time before I go there, and the next time I need to load up on medicine I will be sure to clip some coupons. But even all the great coupons they have for personal care and beauty items don’t cover the brands I buy.

What about you? How did your fitness goals fare this summer? Have you been using coupons consistently?

Monday Morning Confessional

Don’t worry, my priest gets the juicy stuff. 😉

1. We ate bread and rice on Sunday. This is abnormal for us these days. But we were a bit weary of salads, and grilled meat. It was nice to have a little treat, and someone may have also had a couple of margaritas.

2. My kitchen is a mess. I don’t think it’s been completely spotless for a couple of weeks. Every time I get back to just respectable, I cook a big meal and it all goes to hell again. I guess since I didn’t have to cook dinner on Sunday night it should be clean right now. Yeah right!

3. I have been behind on laundry for months. It’s not all dirty. In fact, the vast majority is clean but not put away. And even though I have a ginormous closet, I don’t think there is room for everything. The consequences of not purging clothes when we moved three years ago along with my yo-yo weight are coming home to roost. I am aware that it’s annoying for people to whine about having too much. But it really is a problem and I know I’m not the only one.

4. My left foot is messed up. I have been having pain and discomfort in the ball of my foot for weeks. So I’m going to see a podiatrist. I have never done this before. I hope they don’t try to tell me that my feet are all wrong and that I need thousands of dollars worth of inserts, etc… Because I can assure you I will be finding a different doctor for my foot if that happens.

5. The windows are all in, but they still have to be trimmed and painted on the inside and siding has to replaced and painted on the outside as well. I have no idea how many more days I will be stuck at the house all day. What do people do when both couples work full time? Does someone have to take vacation to have work done on their house? I am trying to always remember to thankful for my blessings.

6. I just finished Rob Lowe’s autobiography, “Stories I Only Tell My Friends”. I am surprised at how good his writing is, and how much I like him. Or at least the him that he reveals in this book. He has led a pretty amazing and complicated life. It’s a good read and I would definitely recommend it.

7. We have a partial season ticket package for a minor league baseball team. We have missed every single game so far this season. This is completely unusual for us. And I don’t even want to think about what a waste of money. No tickets next year…

8. My sister in-law just had her after pre-school caregiver fink out on her with barely more than a week’s notice before school starts. And the woman did it over text message! Can you even believe how completely despicable and gutless some people are?! And I think this person even goes to the same church they do. I’m glad it’s not me because I would be very tempted to to be not nice (Yes, I have to go to confession A Lot. Why do you ask?). Luckily for the fink, my sister in-law is very sweet.

9. Have a great week and enjoy the last days of summer!

Fat Tuesday Volume XX

After a bit of an absence, Fat Tuesdays are back! Since I went to Hawaii weighing more than I would like, and looking a way that I am not comfortable with, I am re-doubling my efforts. I DO NOT want to feel that way about my sister’s wedding pictures. To that end, I read this book over the weekend.

It really helped me think about food and exercise in a slightly different way. I really enjoyed it and found it motivating. You can check out Mark’s blog here. It’s also on my sidebar.

Another book I read recently is Tim Ferriss’s The Four Hour Body.

I like this book as well, but with some caveats. It has a ton of great information along with some “interesting” information and opinions. Believe me, you’ll know it when you see it. (Let’s just say that a certain Aunt would be so proud.) 😉 I had trouble putting into words my hesitation about Mr. Ferriss's writing, until the husband helped me out and said, "He does not appear to understand the concept of the soul". He got it in one try! One of the things Ferriss did say in the book that has really struck me as true, is to build up your confidence by doing new things. It will spur you on to greater achievement. I'm not quoting, just giving you the jist of it. I can truly say after ziplining over 8 different gorges in Hawaii, that he's right. Doing something like that is a big confidence builder and motivator. He also goes into some depth about kettlebells, which I found intriguing. We now own two.

What fitness and lifestyle books are you reading right now? Any that you would recommend?


Disaster has struck! The success of my made up Mexican Pot Roast has emboldened me in the kitchen. Last night I had a pork loin roast and no idea what to do with it. So I threw it in a dutch oven with olive oil, salt, pepper, a can of diced tomatoes and a can of (rinsed) pinto beans, roasted for an hour at 350. When the husband said, “What is this?”, I said, “My version of pork and beans. And guess what! It tasted good!

So I guess disaster hasn’t struck yet. But it’s clearly coming any day now.

PS Don’t freak out, Mom! We also had steamed broccoli. 🙂

A Recipe

No, the world is not coming to an end. Hell has not frozen over (as far as I know). 😉 I am having to cook a lot on this diet. I did tonight what the husband fears, I made something up. It turned out really well, so I thought I would share. This also has the added benefit, that I can look it up again later if I forget.

Mexican Pot Roast
There are a ton of recipes on the web with this name, but none of them were what I had in mind.

1 piece of beef, at least 1 pound. (I believe the cut I used was London Broil, the actual pot roast looked too fatty.)
1 pkg. taco seasoning
1 can black beans undrained
1 small can green chiles undrained
1 jar salsa (I used medium)
1 yellow pepper sliced
1 red pepper sliced
1 bunch green onions chopped
1 zucchini chopped
1 yellow squash chopped
1 eggplant chopped ( I only used 1/2)
a little olive oil

– Pre-heat the oven to 350
– slice and chop all veggies listed above, and put into a large bowl
– add the salsa, green chiles and black beans to the veggies and stir gently until mixed
– set aside
– Lightly coat a pan with olive oil, put on medium heat.
– Brown your piece of beef in the pan for just a few minutes, and pour the taco seasoning on at this time, so it gets seared into the skin (I only used 1/2 the packet)
– Place beef in a dutch oven
– Pour veggie mixture over and around
– Put in the oven for at least an hour. My piece was 1.3 pounds and I did 1 hour & 20 minutes (might have been 5 to 10 minutes too long)
– Serve in large bowls and slice avocado over the top of each bowl

***This mixture is soupy enough that you could use stew meat, and make a stew.***

Sorry about the ugly pic. I promise it tastes good!


salad with chicken, apple and currants, chocolate cake, real coke

Please excuse the crappy Iphone photo. I was being lazy. But I wanted to document my last hurrah. I had a little talk with my trainer, and we agreed that starting today I would do South Beach. This is an acceptable one for our household, because the husband will do it. There are several others that I am sure would be more healthful in the long run, but I think this one can be done pretty well. As long as you don’t rely on diet sodas and dairy to get you through.

She also found a supplement for me that should help with my insane sugar cravings. It’s called GlucoBalance. I think that once I really get my system clear of sugar for two or three weeks, that I should be able to add some fruit back in. At least that is my goal. Goodbye, sugar. I love you!

PS I am completely aware that it is inadvisable to feast before the famine. Yet I did it anyway. 🙂

Fat Tuesday Volume XIX

I have skipped a few Fat Tuesdays recently. Unfortunately, it’s because I forgot and not because I’m skinny. 🙂 Here are the stats:
– have only lost 8 pounds and seem to be stuck
– this is most certainly to with food and not with exercise
– am nearly through with my initial group of sessions with my trainer and have signed up for more
– swim lessons are over, and I am actually sad
– feeling so much better about my abilities in the water, not so much about swim suits, actually me in swim suits
– going to try and really concentrate on my food intake this month
– the no eating out thing went totally out the window while having company the last two weeks
– time to begin again

What about you? Are your thighs ready for summer?

Just One Of The Many Reasons I Hate To Cook

Please don’t analyze too closely why I am still in my workout clothes while cooking dinner. 🙂

Just to prove that I am actually cooking, here is what has been produced thus far:
pork chops, brown rice and green beans, and blueberry citrus salad
roasted red pepper soup and garlic & herb bread sticks
frozen pizza – What? It totally counts!
steaks, rosemary roasted red potatoes and asparagus
And for tonight, beef barley soup and sides that are yet to be determined

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Ours was pretty tame. We did see Thor, which we both liked and thought was worth going to the theater for. Also, it’s nice to have the husband home on the weekends. He’s very nice about helping me with the sick dog.

Fat Tuesday Volume XVIII

It’s almost the end of this Fat Tuesday. After much consideration and a cheeseburger, I have decided that I must go back to some of the original impetus for this blog. I am challenging myself not to eat out, and to fix the husband’s lunch every day. I won’t be as strict as I was in the beginning. I can eat out once a week for dinner, and once a week for lunch. Can doesn’t mean have to.

I don’t know why I dislike cooking so much. It’s really ridiculous, especially when it’s usually so much better for you. And it’s definitely better for your wallet. I find the grocery shopping and the kitchen clean up to be so annoying. The actual cooking is okay.

If anyone one has any super easy and healthy recipes to send my way, I’d be very grateful. I have a couple of good cookbooks by Pam Anderson (not the boobtastic one!) and I heard she has a new on out with one dish meals. That sounds like it’s right up my alley.

So, I guess I will do this for the next 40 days. Hopefully, both my waistline and my pocketbook will be in better condition at the end. And holy crap, the blog name will have some meaning for a while!