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Amazon Giveaway Winner!

Okay people, cue up the Twilight Zone music. The winner is…
Stephanie P.

Stephanie won my last and only other giveaway as well. Congratulations, Stephanie! This is weird! I used, and you can go here to see if you were entered.

Just in case y’all are wondering: I don’t know Stephanie, except from her comments on this blog. She seems very nice. 🙂 I have emailed to ask if stuff like this happens a lot, but haven’t heard back from them. Maybe my little blog giveaways are a statistical anomaly?!

Have a great weekend! We’re off to the symphony tonight and really looking forward to it.

Early Saturday morning edit: I have heard from Dr. Mads Haahr, the inventor of He checked my drawing and said it was all correct. That there was about a 2% chance for Stephanie to win, and that she’s very lucky. Interesting stuff, and very cool that he got back to me so quickly!

Fat Tuesday Vol. II

Yes, I’m still fat. I can’t believe I couldn’t lose all that weight in one week. Bummer!

Here’s how I did this past week. I did complete my challenge of working out six of the past seven days. I took Saturday off. I’m keeping track of my food and my exercise. I don’t know about pounds lost, because I don’t weigh myself all the time. I’m trying not to obsess about that part.

How did you do on your goals for the new year? I’m betting most people did well. January seems to be easy for most people because they have some kind of “it’s a new start momentum”. I’m predicting that February will be the hardest for me. Some of that momentum will be fading and the weather is not so great.

Here is my challenge for this week: Continue with the exercise and confront the soda pop demon.

Oh pop, how I love you! Why do you make my ass so big?

Image found here.

Before Christmas, I had myself down to maybe one pop a day. Which means there were days that I didn’t drink any at all! Now I’m back to one or two a day. I know that I won’t be able to achieve and maintain my goal with pop as a daily habit. But I also know that if I tell myself that I can never have it again, that will make me want it and obsess about it. So, I’m just trying to ween myself off of it. For me, it doesn’t matter whether it’s diet or real. If I’m drinking lots of pop, weight loss eludes me. Anybody else trying to get off pop? What do you call it, by the way? I’m from the middle of the country, so we say pop. I think the Northeast says soda. Lots of people in the south call it Coke, no matter what brand it is. It’s pretty funny to have someone say they want a Sprite Coke.

I know I said I was going to do a CSN giveaway today, but apparently the person who contacted me is having issues… So, I’m going to giveaway a $50.00 Amazon gift card!

To enter, just leave a comment on this post telling me what you call pop and what part of the country or world you are from. One entry per person, please. I have no idea the scope of Amazon’s reach. So, if you can shop on Amazon, you can enter. Giveaway ends at 11:59PM CST, Thursday January 13th.

Amazon does not know who I am and they are not sponsoring this giveaway.

The Upside Of Blogging

I have only been writing this blog for less than a year. I use the term writing loosely, as I’m sure my grammatical and punctuation errors are enough to put an actual writer on medication or in therapy at the very least. 😉 During that time, I’m happy to say that with very few exceptions, it has been a really positive and fun experience.

One of the absolute best parts is getting to exchange comments and emails with people from all over that I can’t imagine I would have met otherwise. One of those people who has been nice enough to spend a bit of her time reading and commenting on my ramblings is Rachel Hoeing. Rachel is the co-founder of the website Triad Moms on Main.

They like to run Sunday funnies on their site, and I am so excited that they are running one of my posts today. Please check it out!

I know the name of Rachel’s site makes it look very location specific. But they really have a lot of great articles, posts and information that would be interesting for anyone, not just North Carolina residents of the “Triad”. So, I hope you’ll give it a look. And even though I’m not a mom, Rachel thought her readers would get a kick out of my Christmas wardrobe malfunction. Moms have boobs, too! (Umm, you probably need to go to Rachel’s site if you don’t know what the heck I’m referring to.)

I know I said on Friday that I thought I might be doing a giveaway today. I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t get it coordinated in time. I don’t mean to be a tease, but I will be doing another giveaway with CSN Stores in the coming week. I’m hoping for Tuesday. Fingers crossed! I hope everyone has a lovely Sunday. It’s supposed to snow here today. So we will be mostly hiding in our house from all of the “This is the 4th time in my life I’ve ever seen snow.” Dallas drivers. Be safe, people!

Giveaway Winner!

The winner is Stephanie P.! Congratulations, Stephanie!!! If you would like to see if you were entered in the drawing, you may follow this link and enter your email address. You will only have access to your own information and not anybody else’s.

Thanks to everyone who entered, and thanks to CSN Stores for providing the gift certificate.

Bathroom: Before & After

This post is linked to Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps On The Porch.

We have been working on our guest bathroom forever! I even bought some of the stuff shortly after moving into the house, over two years ago. Here’s a list of what we did:
– Changed the door and cabinet knobs from shiny brass to polished chrome.
– Changed the lights, towel bars and accessories to Chatham Collection from Restoration Hardware.
– Got a new mirror.
– Painted the room green.
– Two weeks later, primed over the green and painted it pink: Martha Stewart’s Magnolia Grandiflora from Home Depot.
– New counter and sink.
– New shower, bath and sink taps from
– New woven wood blind from
I have owned the shower curtain and coordinating towels from Pottery Barn for several years. I still like them, so I see no need to change them.







New Shower and Bath Taps

close up of the new art

The artist for the pictures above is Jennifer Lommers.

This is the bedroom attached to this bathroom:

The attached room

One final look at the result:


Reminder: I’m hosting a giveaway that runs through midnight, Monday the 15th. Please go to this post and leave a comment to enter. The prize is a $65.00 gift certificate to CSN Stores!

I want to say a special thanks to the husband for painting and re-painting. And sticking with it for hours, until the towel bar from H E double hockey sticks finally stayed on the wall! Thanks, Honey! Oh, and thanks also to the nice people at Frog Tape, who did a giveaway at Newlywed Diaries, which I won! We used two rolls while painting and re-painting. It’s great stuff. I hope everyone has a great week. 🙂


I was very excited last week, when someone from CSN Stores contacted me about doing a giveaway. If you’ve never heard of them, you need to take a look at their site. It’s a huge website that contains over 200 individual stores that sell everything from contemporary coffee tables to handbags and cookware.

Speaking of coffee tables, I am smitten with this one for my empty formal living room:

Love the nickel and mirror together!

I’ve had this rug on my wish list for the last couple months, also for the formal living room:

Really great price for 8x10!

Enough about me and what I want! The questions is: What would you put $65.00 towards? CSN Stores is giving one of my readers $65.00 towards the purchase of anything on their site! As the husband and I were browsing around, we found a couple more things.

We both really liked this cute little side table:

Very modern

And with the holidays coming up, we thought something like this platter might come in handy:

For your turkey!

The Rules:
Leave a comment on this blog post. You can either comment on what you would buy or you can just say something like, “Pick Me!”.
Only one entry per person, please.
The giveaway will end at the end of the day, central time, Monday, November 15th.
I will use to pick the winner.
I will notify the winner and the representative from CSN on Tuesday the 16th.
The winner will be emailed a $65.00 gift certificate code by CSN.

Please note that the gift certificate code will not cover international fees.
I have not been compensated in any way to do this giveaway.