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Slowly But Surely

What’s up?! I haven’t updated the ole blog in over a week. We had a really busy holiday weekend. Hope you had a good one. I put the husband to work last week when my tables finally came in, and I’ve been trying to accessorize. The pillow situation is fluid and ever changing. The rolls of fabric you will see in the second picture will have a definite effect on that. Please ignore the missing mirror to the left of the fireplace. I can’t find anyone to fix it. If you have any ideas of where to get a fake antique mirror fixed, please share!

I love my new tables!

The ever changing fabric and picture situation.

Those pictures on the ground will eventually go on the wall above the white parsons table, which you can see peeking into the right side of the picture. The curtain situation is at a stand still, while I await the delivery of a fabric swatch that I have once again convinced myself could be “the one”. By the end of this curtain saga I will be able to write an entire book about how online fabric shopping can make you manic. πŸ˜‰

Rugs On Sale!

I’ve been liking this rug for quite a while, but I have no where to put it. 😦 It’s on sale right now along with the rest of the rug collection at West Elm. Two of the three rugs I have purchased since moving into this house have been from West Elm. The rug in my breakfast room is the the one I have had the longest. It has held up beautifully. Especially considering Mr. Darcy's illness. 20% off is a great deal, so check them out!

***No, they are not paying me. I just like their product.***

Mondays Aren’t So Bad

I usually hate Mondays. Which is pretty insane, since I haven’t had a job for years. But now that I am exercising consistently and trying to eat better, Mondays are getting better. I still hate it when the husband leaves for work. Unless of course, he leaves late and hogs the computer. πŸ˜‰

Some great things about today:
1. Mavs win! Mavs win! Mavs win!

2. I think we are getting close to a decision on our windows. Did I tell you about our rotting windows? The entire front facade of our house has wood windows. 15 years of rain and heat and sprinklers have done them in. Many of the windows on the rest of the house are crappy builder grade windows. I am replacing a few of those as well with improved versions. But not all. I don’t even want to think about what that would cost!

3. Our exercise room is cool again. We had to replace one of our air conditioners last week. The cost sucked, but at least it’s bearable in there.

4. Mr. Darcy has had a couple of good days in a row. I hope I’m not jinxing it by writing about it. πŸ™‚

5. I found a winner in the “Nichole needs a swimsuit that’s not awful” contest:
It’s the Salvation tankini from Title Nine. Even the husband likes it, and he was very worried when I showed it to him online. Apparently, I have a propensity for choosing ugly swimsuits. Just ask my niece, Haley, who told me how bad one of my suits was when she was just two years old!

6. My new couch is finally getting delivered today! I can’t wait!!!

Hope everyone has a great week, and that you didn’t read this before you had your caffeine. If so, I’m sorry, and I completely understand if you fantasized about punching me.

Best Fabric Name Ever

I couldn’t help but think that this was a direct message to me. While shopping for fabric online, I came across this one at Lewis & Sheron:

It’s called, wait for it… SNS Tucker Resist
Weird! Now, I know it probably really has something to do with it being stain resistant. But it has a birds on it and it says, “Tucker, resist!”. I did.

Attention: Pear Shaped Shoppers On Aisle Nine

Step away from the skirted swimsuits!!!

People, I did not think it was possible for me to look any worse in a swimsuit. Then I tried on a skirted one. Holy thirty extra visual pounds, Batman! %^$#*$%*!!!

Apparently, my pear shaped self looks better when I have that high cut line. Even though that means there is a lot hanging out that I would like to cover. And I am sure many other people would like it covered as well. πŸ˜‰ I would like to apologize in advance to the state of Hawaii. I am still investigating board shorts. Please God, they can’t be as bad as the skirts!

Anybody else have this happen to them? Favorite places to shop for swim wear? Best board shorts ever?

A Curveball

fabric: Wilmington

Here is a curveball I am throwing you in regards to my previous post. This fabric is called Wilmington. If I used this in the living room, I think I would also use it in the dining room and forget about those Anthro. curtains. I do still like those curtains, but the background is actually tan instead of white or cream. I would prefer white or cream.

Here are all of the choices:

Choices, choices, choices!

Alexandria Scroll on the left, Wilmington in the center, and Suzanni on the right. Would any of you change your previous votes to Wilmington? Is anyone sick of me obsessing about curtains? I promise I will try to stop. πŸ˜‰

PS I know I skipped Fat Tuesday today. I wasn’t feeling inspired to write that post. I went to the doctor again, and again the scale was off. So annoying!

Friday Roundup

I just have a list of things for today.

1. The husband is miffed that I have not cleared his name regarding the rat proofing. So here goes: he saw reason and agreed to hire the company. They are coming today! Thanks, honey. πŸ™‚

2. Happy Mother’s Day to my mom and all you mamas out there. And happy 90th birthday to my grandma. Please pray for her that she has a good day on Sunday, since that is not always a given.

3. In an act of desperation, I bought a very expensive car seat yesterday to see if it would work for feeding Mr. Darcy. No dice.

4. Mr. Darcy is now being tested for Addison’s Disease. I thought he had already been tested for that, but apparently not. He’s not doing too good.

5. We just saw the movie There Be Dragons last night in a pre show. It was very, very good. It opens today. I highly recommend it.

6. My niece’s volleyball team made it to nationals. Woo hoo!

7. Neither my curtains nor the fabric samples I ordered have shown up. This has been a very disappointing mail week.

8. I did order my new couch! Although, the sales lady was supposed to email a receipt to me and she did not. This makes me nervous.

9. I have been calling and talking to a lot of contractors and home repair people over that last couple of weeks. My stats are okay, but not great. I’ve got quite a few people scheduled. But I’m getting blown off by some as well. I’ve tried to become unshockable, but I can’t help being stunned at the way some people run their businesses. And not in a good way.

Happy Friday and best wishes for a great weekend!

Obsessed With Curtains

I have been obsessed this past weekend with curtains. Even though I had a bazillion other things I could have done to better use my time. I’m not a curtain snob. πŸ™‚ So I was looking at ready made curtains as well as fabric choices to have them made. I mentioned in my last post that I had a fabric I was thinking of using for curtains in the blue living room. But I have soured on that choice now. Too much pink in the pattern.

I still haven’t settled on what to do about that room. But I did run across these beauties on Saturday:

from Anthropologie

They are nearly identical to what I was picturing in my mind for the formal dining room. And surprise, there are birds! So into my shopping cart they went. I may end up using them in the blue living room as well, but I think not. I have no fewer that five fabric samples coming in the mail from Calico Corners, so maybe one of those will work. Here is what I have in the formal dining room so far:

dining room attached to the blue living room

I have hopes of someday getting a couple of these chairs from Williams Sonoma Home. Since I’ve had my eye on them for three years now, hope is all it may ever be. πŸ˜‰ It’s such a bummer that they closed most of their stores. But great that it’s all still available online. That china blue linen was used by me in 2008 to find a paint color for the living room. It also perfectly matches the sky in the painting above the mantle in the living room.

I probably should not have allowed myself to get distracted buying stuff for the dining room. Those curtains were so perfect that I was afraid not to get them. I’ve done that too many times in the past, and then what I want is gone when I go back. Has that ever happened to you? Any great resources for curtains you would recommend?

The Long Awaited Blue Living Room

Over the next few months I will be trying to finish the blue living room. I think the most recent picture I have posted of it is this:

Here is some of what will be going into the room, along with some of what is already there.

This is the first time I have used Polyvore. There were some items that it wouldn’t let me clip. And some that I couldn’t find on the internet anymore, because I have been buying stuff for this room for too long.

from High Street Market

from Furiousdreams on Etsy

Pillows and throws not on Polyvore design board.

BTW- I am becoming less and less sure about the very orange pillows every day. So I think those will probably go. I still have not figured out the coffee table situation, or the windows. I am thinking of using this fabric for both:

Richloom Lucy in Licorice

What do you think? Opinions and suggestions, please! I can take it. πŸ™‚

A Lucky Outcome

No, I’m not talking about anything too serious. But it would have been really bad for my credibility with the husband if we hadn’t figured this one out. Remember this picture?

It arrived in March, and is just as pretty as I thought. But it was ruining the future flow of my blue living room, by sticking out too far into the room. Thus, causing me to have to consider purchasing a very petite sofa for that room.

I told the husband I was going to have to back out of displaying the giant, hand carved manger scene year round. He handled it pretty well. Then we decided that the study could use another desk. The former owners had a desk in the middle of the room when we looked at the house and it looked nice. Honestly, it’s nice to have builtins, but the space is not very deep and taken up by computers. Having this large, clear surface in here will help the husband a lot when he needs to work from home. The last time, he had to use a card table.

I think it has worked out quite well. I wasn’t too sure about angling it. That was the husband’s idea. But in the end, it’s the best way to fit in the “Giant Bed Of Bingley”. Bingley’s bed has to be in the study now, because I get to buy a couch for the blue living room. Woo Hoo! Much to the consternation of the husband and some friends, this is what I asked for as my anniversary present. More details to follow, once I make a final decision. But here’s a hint: MG + BW.

PS I hope everyone had a happy Easter. We went to mass, and hung out at home. We’re both still getting over whatever this sickness is. So we really enjoyed doing nothing. πŸ™‚