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Attention, Mr. Gus Sertoli

Please leave the building! What the H E double hockey sticks am I talking about? One week ago, my beautiful little sister found out that she has a giant tumor in her abdomen. She’s trying to have a sense of humor about this, so she named him Gus. It’s a sertoli tumor, so I made that his last name.

Katie & Matt just a few months ago on their wedding day.

Katie is having surgery on Monday to evict Gus. Please pray for her, her husband Matt and her doctors and nurses. And please pray that Gus is as benign as his name sounds. Katie is one of those people who makes everyone’s life better just by being her. We really need her to be okay. Thanks in advance for your many prayers.



I apologize for yesterday’s post. I have a temperament that allows me to vent and feel better. But I didn’t really think about those of you who suck in all my negativity, and then feel worse. Anyhow, I feel awesome today, the sun is shining! How are you?

The Secret Room

Last night we used our newly painted dining room for the first time. It’s also probably only the third or fourth time that we have used the room since moving into the house three years ago. It’s not that it’s too fancy. It’s just that for quite a while we didn’t have a table. Then we had a table, but no chairs. Then we had a table and two benches. Which is where we are now.

The Secret Room 😉

I found one of the main topics of conversation when we sat down to eat to be very amusing. There were all sort of comments like, “I didn’t know this room existed”, and “I didn’t know this entire wing existed!”. The best one was, “What I want to know is, how did you keep us out of here?”! To be fair, most of these comments were from men. But I think a couple of them were truly mystified because they come to our house pretty regularly. The thing is, you can see the dining room right as you walk in the front door. And the front door is the door used by all guests. It’s not like we have an accessible side door that everyone was using and that’s why they missed it. It also became apparent while we were all hanging out in the kitchen, that no one knew about the back stairway. I ran upstairs to get something and I heard echoing up behind me, “Oh my goodness, there’s a whole other stairway back here!” People were again surprised. Clearly, I need to start offering to take people on house tours again. It’s something you do when you very first move into a house. And since we’ve been here for a while now, I never think to do it. Also, there is the slight problem that many times when we have people over only the first floor is “company ready”.

more of the secret wing 😉

Do you offer to show people your home when entertaining? It seems a little awkward to me. I guess it wouldn’t be with these same friends because of the conversations that occurred last night. It sure we be nice to have an excuse like moving to explain the state of several of the rooms upstairs. Oh well, I guess that’s just an incentive to get more projects done. 🙂

Best Fabric Name Ever

I couldn’t help but think that this was a direct message to me. While shopping for fabric online, I came across this one at Lewis & Sheron:

It’s called, wait for it… SNS Tucker Resist
Weird! Now, I know it probably really has something to do with it being stain resistant. But it has a birds on it and it says, “Tucker, resist!”. I did.

The Diagnosis

Hi, my name is Mr. Darcy. And I must now endure the indignity of a high chair.

Mr. Darcy has a megaesophagus. Basically, the muscle doesn’t work properly anymore and food sits there instead of heading on down to his stomach. I am now in the process of trying to find him a Bailey chair. Yes, I know many of you will find this ridiculous. But it is evidently, the best way to ensure proper digestion and therefore avoid death by bacterial pneumonia.

Dear God, it’s me Nichole (not Margaret). If you are in the mood to listen to my sarcastic whining today, I would like to say this: I am supposed to feed a BABY in a high chair. Not a DOG.

PS Thanks God, for putting up with me. I know I’m a pain in your see through ass. 😉

Forthwith And Other Mysteries

I have been watching Blue Bloods on CBS. Have you? I like several of the actors: Tom Selleck, Bridget Moynihan, Donnie Wahlberg. I’m no expert, but I think that maybe the writing is not so great. But I watch anyway. One thing I cannot get over is “forthwith”. In nearly every episode, at least one cop says it. Sometimes as many as three. What is up with that?! Even though I know no NYC cops, I am sure in my gut that they do not say that! My working theory is that there must be a cop consulting on the show who decided to mess with the writers. Either that, or the head writer needs to have their thesaurus burned.

I spent a great deal of time this past weekend putting together our tax documents. Why is it that I cannot recall one year in the past seven, when church has not sent a messed up tax statement?I am not even talking about the same parishes in those seven years. There must be something about the way money comes in to a church and the sheer number of donors that causes these consistent problems. I have to say that I really wish that just once I didn’t have to make the phone call that I have to make today. Don’t worry, I always make sure I have a smile on my face before I call. I’m using you all to vent my annoyance. 🙂

Mr. Darcy is doing better, but we don’t know why. We don’t really even know why he got sick and stopped eating. His blood work was good. His x-rays were clear. He still can’t keep down dry food. So he’s eating canned food, and gaining weight. And starting to act like his normal self. One thing that seems to be permanent, is that he can’t jump anymore. While this is a blessing for those visiting our home, I feel bad for Mr. Darcy. Because no jumping means no frisbee. And Mr. Darcy loves to play frisbee. Why can’t they stay about six or seven years old forever? Watching them age really sucks sometimes.

I hope everyone had a great weekend. I’m off to try and accomplish all the stuff I didn’t get to, forthwith! 😉

Amazon Giveaway Winner!

Okay people, cue up the Twilight Zone music. The winner is…
Stephanie P.

Stephanie won my last and only other giveaway as well. Congratulations, Stephanie! This is weird! I used, and you can go here to see if you were entered.

Just in case y’all are wondering: I don’t know Stephanie, except from her comments on this blog. She seems very nice. 🙂 I have emailed to ask if stuff like this happens a lot, but haven’t heard back from them. Maybe my little blog giveaways are a statistical anomaly?!

Have a great weekend! We’re off to the symphony tonight and really looking forward to it.

Early Saturday morning edit: I have heard from Dr. Mads Haahr, the inventor of He checked my drawing and said it was all correct. That there was about a 2% chance for Stephanie to win, and that she’s very lucky. Interesting stuff, and very cool that he got back to me so quickly!