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A Curveball

fabric: Wilmington

Here is a curveball I am throwing you in regards to my previous post. This fabric is called Wilmington. If I used this in the living room, I think I would also use it in the dining room and forget about those Anthro. curtains. I do still like those curtains, but the background is actually tan instead of white or cream. I would prefer white or cream.

Here are all of the choices:

Choices, choices, choices!

Alexandria Scroll on the left, Wilmington in the center, and Suzanni on the right. Would any of you change your previous votes to Wilmington? Is anyone sick of me obsessing about curtains? I promise I will try to stop. 😉

PS I know I skipped Fat Tuesday today. I wasn’t feeling inspired to write that post. I went to the doctor again, and again the scale was off. So annoying!