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An Open Letter To The Dallas/Fort Worth Super Bowl Committee

Dear Super Bowl XLV Committee:

Recently, I have been seeing on our airwaves, an ad featuring Troy Aikman. Troy is exhorting the residents of our community to be on our best behavior while all our guests for the Super Bowl are in town. Basically, he is very nicely saying, don’t be an ass hat! Except he doesn’t, but we all know what he means.

I really had no feelings about the ad one way or another. I mean, we are generally pretty nice, so I wasn’t worried. But then I saw this article yesterday, about how airline employees are being trained to spot sex traffickers who are bringing their wares to town for the big game. What?!!! Some of the people coming to town that we are supposed to be nice to, are pimps and johns who enslave women and children?!!!

Have you ever heard the legend of the KKK trying to hold a conference (in reality, probably one of their march/rally things) in South Bend, Indiana in the early 1900’s? The story goes that as the conference attendees stepped off the trains, the good priests, brothers and students of Notre Dame were there to greet them. They beat the snot out of those racist pigs, and stuck them back on the trains. Amen! This is now what I am dreaming of for the airports. Except, we stick the pimps (not the women and children) in paddy wagons and haul them to jail.

In conclusion I would like to say that the next time the Super Bowl comes to town, I would like Troy’s commercial to tell us how to spot, report, and annihilate sex traffickers. I really don’t care if we are remembered as the “nice” place. I would rather our community be remembered as the place where pimps are scared and johns are unsatisfied.