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Finally refers to a lot of things. I am finally updating my blog after three weeks of silence. I am finally done with a project to show you. And I finally have a progress report (of sorts) on Buddy.

First, Buddy: Buddy has healed very nicely from his surgery. It turns out that he has not one, but two different types of cancer. The one on his elbow was misdiagnosed at first and was actually an osteosarcoma. They say they got it with narrow margins. He also had a bump on one of his back paws that I never mentioned before. Everyone thought it was a harmless fatty tumor. But it is a level 2 mast cell tumor. And they couldn’t get it all out. After much waiting and an appointment cancellation (not by me!), he finally has an appointment with a vet who is a radiologist oncologist. Who knew there was such a thing?!

I have finally completed (probably 🙂 a decor project. I’m going to post the pictures below. I apologize for my camera work and the fact that I really need a wide angle lense. My green guest room and pink bathroom are finally done. Complete with blue ceilings! Welcome to the fifties in my guest suite! 😉

Recent updates pictured above are the new window shades, pillow in the chair, shams on the bed and the bed skirt. The window fabric was found by me and comes from Lauren Liess Textiles. Beautiful fabric. The shams were made out of the former shower curtain from the attached bath. Bed skirt fabric and checked fabric on the decorative pillow selected by Mario and Bill of MBP Associates Interior Design Workroom Services. All installations done by Bill and Mario. And of course, MBP is the workroom used for all of the sewing. Great work, and I love working with them. They also did the new shower curtain for the attached bath, pictured below:
again, sorry for the camera work :)

close up of the new bed skirt

picture of the bed straight on
I must point out that I am not happy with the decorative pillow on the bed. It’s an old one that I’ve had forever. I ordered a new one yesterday, but it won’t be here for a while.

Source List
bedroom walls: Valspar, Laura Ashley, Green Apple (3 or 4, I can’t remember)
Bathroom walls: Martha Stewart at HD, Magnolia Grandiflora
Bed & bath ceilings: Martha Stewart at HD, Love In The Mist ****I realized when everything was installed that I should have used MArtha Stewart Salt Glaze. I’m telling myself that I’m the only one who notices. We’ll see how long that lasts. ;)****
Trim: Benjamin Moore Cloud White

Wall decal: Leen the Graphics Queen
Bed: PB
Duvet cover: PB
Shams (former Shower curtain): PB
Red Lamp: PB
Pink lamp: Shades of Light
trunk: hand me down from a friend
White bedside table: Bassett
wicker chair and red table: Pier One
bookcase: Ikea Billy Bookcase
marble bookends: vintage from High Street Market

Before and after:

Hope everybody has a great rest of the week! Thanks so much for checking on Buddy.

My Precious

Hi! Sorry, I have been MIA. I don’t really have a good reason. I wanted to show everyone my new dining room chandelier. I am having a bit of an obsessive, Lord Of The Rings, love affair with it. I sit and stare at it all day long.

My precious from far.

My precious up close.

And since everyone likes a good before and after, here is the before:

Before my Precious.

Have a great weekend!

Pillows and lamps and mirrors, oh my!

I have a little bit of progress to show on the navy blue room. I need to come up with a better name. It was so much more fun when I could call it “the room of no purpose”!

Here is what it looked when we first got done painting:

Here is what it looked like for our Thanksgiving guests:

And here is how it looks today:

The lamps are from The Company Store, the mirror is the one we removed from our entryway, and the wonderful Holly made the pillows from an extra curtain panel. I didn’t take a picture of the windows because the panels are currently down and being shortened. I more artwork to get framed and I still need to get a rug and some more furniture for the wall opposite the bed.

Just in case you have lost count, here is the vast array of metals I have mixed in this room: shiny brass door knobs, aged brass mirror and dresser handles, matte silver map frame, shiny chrome on the ceiling light, and oil rubbed bronze on the curtain rod. I don’t know if I can fit anymore in, and I probably shouldn’t try. 🙂 Happy Monday!

PS I am going to eventually shrink the bed skirts a bit, so they will not look as sloppy as they do right now.

A Little Early Holiday Decor

I got some Christmas pillows yesterday from a local shop. I was really excited to order them because my entryway can’t handle too much red, due to all the blue and green in the painting.

the usual look

Christmas look

I really like them. The husband was not so impressed. But I have explained before that it’s difficult to take his opinions to heart, since they are always tempered with his cheapness. 😉 Check out ShopTen 25 for more great accessories.

New Mirror

I wanted to show my gallery wall today, that I’m doing in the blue living room. But it was not to be. I tried to save some money by using store bought frames. But they come without the hanging mechanism attached to the back. And the stupid pilot holes are not always big enough for the equally stupid tiny screws! Ahhhhhhh!

A couple of weeks ago, after hemming and hawing for over a month, I bought a new entryway mirror at Pier1. I like it just fine right now, but it will look even better when we repaint the hallway someday… (Don’t hold your breath. Scaffolding will be involved.)

Before - sorry, I know this is a bad shot.

After - once I fill up the display cabinets in the LR again, the reflection should be not so blah.

What do you think? I am pretty happy. I almost think I could go even bigger with the mirror, but the table is not big and I don’t want to completely dwarf it.

Before and After: The Wall Of Mary

After months and months of procrastination, the wall of Mary project is finally complete. I must confess to having been inspired by Lauren’s foyer at Pure Style Home.
foyer: before

foyer: during

more during

foyer: after

from another angle

We’re pretty pleased with how it turned out. Here is a rough cost breakdown:
20 frames from JoAnn – $100
20 custom cut mats and 20 pieces of non-glare glass – $220 (I think)
16 pictures from a book – $40
3 pieces of art from ETSY – $40
1 invite to a priest’s first mass – free (Thanks, Anne!)
1 borrowed ladder – free (Thanks, Ms. Sugarbaker!)
picture wire and picture hangers – $5
Project Total = $405

***Special thanks to the husband who put picture wire on all 20 pieces and climbed up and down the ladder on the stairs a zillion times. Thanks, honey!***

Less Scary

I have written about the scariest room in my house a few times, here and here. The later one is particularly applicable at this time of year. 🙂 My goal has been to make this room less scary before Thanksgiving, so that someone may sleep in there without waking up in the middle of the night and ending up scared out of their minds. I think my objective has been achieved.





I would love it if the after pictures contained no boxes, and the room was painted, full of cute furniture, etc… But I figure this is a vast improvement. I will, of course, make it look a bit less bare before anyone sleeps there. I think some sheets and blankets will be a nice start. 😉 I am having such a full house this weekend, that someone will even be sleeping in the exercise room. Maybe I’ll post some pictures of that later. Even thought it’s a trial to clean such a big house, it’s occasions like this that make me thankful to have room for everyone.

Easily Influenced

Last month I was reading this post on Bryn Alexandra’s blog about the importance of a home’s entryway. I’ve known that our home’s foyer was blah ever since we moved in, but I wasn’t that bothered about it. Suddenly, after reading that post, I couldn’t get it out of my head. A few days later, I was clicking around on Overstock, and I found a piece of furniture that I thought might work. Then I remembered the table from Target, I had seen at Isabella and Max Rooms. And then the cherry on top happened! I realized that the giant blank wall going up my stairway, could become my version of Lauren’s at Pure Style Home, which I have been drooling over for a year. And coincidentally, is in December’s Better Homes and Gardens. Now do you see why reading design blogs is dangerous for me?!

I’m not done, but here’s what I have so far:



Here is a better, but unfinished after. The fabric is just wrapped around the pillow because I haven’t had the cover made yet.

After with the pillow

I added a picture to one wall, and it looks a lot better in my humble opinion. 😉



A Different Angle

I love this table and especially the feet!


Here is that big blank wall:

wall of blankness

I have the frames (same size), but I’m still working on collecting the pictures. I’ll also need to have mats cut, as each picture is a different size. There will probably be about 20 pictures in all. Here is a sneak peek of two that came in the mail today:

pictures of Our Lady

The artist for the pictures above is Flor Larios. As I am writing this post, I am remembering that my friend Lou’s entryway is full of Mary art. So not only am I easily influenced, but I will copy everyone! 😉

Bathroom: Before & After

This post is linked to Metamorphosis Monday at Between Naps On The Porch.

We have been working on our guest bathroom forever! I even bought some of the stuff shortly after moving into the house, over two years ago. Here’s a list of what we did:
– Changed the door and cabinet knobs from shiny brass to polished chrome.
– Changed the lights, towel bars and accessories to Chatham Collection from Restoration Hardware.
– Got a new mirror.
– Painted the room green.
– Two weeks later, primed over the green and painted it pink: Martha Stewart’s Magnolia Grandiflora from Home Depot.
– New counter and sink.
– New shower, bath and sink taps from
– New woven wood blind from
I have owned the shower curtain and coordinating towels from Pottery Barn for several years. I still like them, so I see no need to change them.







New Shower and Bath Taps

close up of the new art

The artist for the pictures above is Jennifer Lommers.

This is the bedroom attached to this bathroom:

The attached room

One final look at the result:


Reminder: I’m hosting a giveaway that runs through midnight, Monday the 15th. Please go to this post and leave a comment to enter. The prize is a $65.00 gift certificate to CSN Stores!

I want to say a special thanks to the husband for painting and re-painting. And sticking with it for hours, until the towel bar from H E double hockey sticks finally stayed on the wall! Thanks, Honey! Oh, and thanks also to the nice people at Frog Tape, who did a giveaway at Newlywed Diaries, which I won! We used two rolls while painting and re-painting. It’s great stuff. I hope everyone has a great week. 🙂