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The Egg Fight

Yesterday, the husband made egg sandwiches for us. He does this quite often on Sundays. Even though I know the dangers of non-stick coating on pans, we own one. It was specifically bought by me, because he likes to make eggs. But every time he fills the pan with puddles of butter or oil. So what’s the point of owning non-stick?

Yesterday he made my egg without any butter or oil, but when he went to make his two eggs just moments later, they both stuck. This caused much ranting on his part as he scraped them into the garbage and began to fill the pan with massive amounts of butter. I was instructed to never tell him again not to use oil or butter in that pan. And blah, blah, blah. He was really quite worked up about it.

My contention is that the pan became too hot, and that he should have turned down the heat. I’ve been reading the brochure that came with a different pan, that indicates cooking on high heat can be bad for the pans and cause sticking even in the best of circumstances.

So… What do you think? Is he right? Am I right? Is this one of the stupidest fights you have ever heard of? Well, maybe not the stupidest. It can’t be worse than the suitcase battle. Can it? 😉