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Tiny Pockets Of Organization

And I do mean tiny. My house has mostly recovered from Thanksgiving. It’s not dirty, but I can see piles starting in all of my little clutter spots. Also, I am starting to wonder if I have a little ADD going on. I have a few too many projects.
1. Complete TG recovery.
2. Complete Christmas shopping.
3. Plant all the flowers that I bought last week.
4. Frame all the prints I have for the front stairway.
5. Attack the disaster that is our master suite.
6. Buy and paint wood molding, so it can be installed.

So, I’m taking inspiration from these little organized spots in my home.

Mail I need to go through.

This is a vintage toast rack that I am using for mail near my front door. Sometimes it holds mail that needs to go out. Right now it holds mail that I want to go through. This is helpful because one of my biggest problems is junk mail. I have become very paranoid about identity theft. Even though I have insurance for that, I think I need to shred everything. I’m trying to get over it and not be so crazy! The toast rack helps because it doesn’t hold much, and I only put stuff in it that I really need or want to deal with. The rest is trash or recycling. Coincidentally, there is a toast rack up for grabs today over at High Street Market. So if you think you might want one, go and enter. I must confess that I like the giveaway one better than mine. ­čÖé Also, I’ve done several transactions with Kelly from her shop and everything has always gone beautifully.

Sippy wrangling!

I came up with this last year for when little people visit. All the different sippy cup parts seem to get lost in the cupboard and take up valuable space on the lower shelves. As a short person with a tall kitchen, I need those shelves! This also makes the plastic cups more easily accessible for the older kids. The sippy cups are from Born Free and are BPA free. The plastic cups are from Tupperware and are not. If anyone has a recommendation for BPA free plastic drinking glasses, I would love to hear about it. Oh yeah, basket from Target.

Organized Armoire

This is my opening salvo in the master suite battle. I didn’t take any pictures of the destruction around the armoire that continues into the master closet. I may take some so I can do a before and after, but I’m not sure. It’s pretty bad. And as long as I don’t show pictures, you’ll never really know or believe how bad it is. Unless you are my friend’s husband who thought my house was always clean, so I sent him pictures one time and he STILL didn’t believe me! He said the mess looked staged! I guess everyone needs their delusions. I am slightly concerned for him, that my supposedly clean house is one of his. ­čśë

Anyone else on project overload? Everyone else?